We have a forecast for October. First snow possible in the lowlands soon

  • In all of Poland, October will most likely bring the temperature within the normal range or up to 0.5-1 degrees C above
  • Models predict average rainfall over most of the country. Only in the Northeast is there any chance of more rain than the average indicates
  • It is possible that during the coldest days, especially in the third decade of October, the lowlands will experience the first snow and snowfall this season.
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According to the forecasts of the US weather forecasting agency NOAA, October will bring a balancing temperature in Poland around normal or slightly above, up to a maximum of 0.5-1 degrees C.

Larger deviations are announced in the North and Northwest of the Old Continent, where the month will be even 2 degrees C warmer than normal. In contrast, in south-eastern Europe, especially in the Black Sea region, October may turn out to be cool.

October will be a slightly warm month at best –

When it comes to rainfall, we will have a breakdown in October. While from Turkey to the Iberian Peninsula, sunny, extended highlands can persist for quite some time, it the further north you go, the more rain will be a more frequent visitor outside the windows.

Precipitation in most of the country will not exceed the normPrecipitation in most of the country will not exceed the norm –

NOAA predicts that in most regions of Poland it gets as much as it should at this time. Only locally, mainly in the north-east, we can deal with a slight excess of rainfall.

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The beginning of the month is going to be very unpleasant. It will often blow, rain and even thunder, and the temperature will not exceed 10-15 degrees C. It will rain and snow again in the mountains. Things are going to be a little better between October 5th and 10th. There is then a chance that it will last for a few days there will be more sun, the rain will decrease, and on the warmest days the mercury will approach 20 degrees Celsius. The nights will be cold, however, with frosts, and not only near the ground.

At the end of the month, the average day will be around 10 degrees CelsiusAt the end of the month, the average day will be around 10 degrees C – IMWM-PIB METEO POLSKA

In the second ten days of the month, there is no point in looking for any longer warming. On the full day thermometers we will usually see 10-15 degrees C, and if it gets warmer, then only for a while, especially in the south. Poland is supposed to be between highs and lows in this period, which is why from time to time it will be cloudy, it will rain and a stronger wind will blow, especially in Pomerania, but there is also hope for a few more sunny days. At night, when the wind clears and the wind disappears, frosts will start to appear regularly, as well as dense fog and mist.

It should rain most at the beginning of the monthIt should rain most at the beginning of the month – IMWM-PIB METEO POLSKA

The third decade of October may start warmer, but we will probably soon get back under the influence of cool air masses. There are many indications that it was in the last week of the month the maximum temperature on average will be around 10 degrees C, but single days when it gets even cooler cannot be ruled out. There should not be too much rainfall, but when it does occur, there is a risk that it will occur locally even in the lowlands they will take the form of not only rain, but also rain and snow, and wet snow.

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Source: Onet / IMGW / NOAA