We have a serious breakthrough towards forming a government

Yesterday, a serious breakthrough was made towards solving the problem with changes to the Electoral Code, a serious breakthrough was also made towards forming a government. This was stated by the election expert Prof. Mihail Konstantinov.

He explained that he was moving towards a solution that was balanced and fair. Mixed elective voting will return, as it was until April last year. It is planned that the machine will also issue a machine protocol, which will have control functions, as the receipts will be counted, so that it is clear what is recorded in the machine. The protocol should be as simplified as possible so as not to complicate the committees.

However, Konstantinov is adamant that Bulgaria should have chosen the way people around the world vote – with paper, BNT reported.

Konstantinov noted that local elections are coming up next year, which are very complicated. The estimated date for them will be October 25. He emphasized that there will be voting for municipal councilors and municipal mayors. In Sofia, Plovdiv and Varna, where there are districts, there will also be voting for district mayors. In the villages around Sofia, Varna, etc. there will also be voting for mayors of town halls. According to him, this would make it difficult for voters who prefer to vote by machine.

He also commented on the subject of the “foreign” electoral district, explaining that if there is one, there will be a “foreign” list and some of the MPs the party wins will pull them from this list, but the total number of mandates will not change.

There are 5.2 million in Bulgaria, 1.4 million abroad. In total, there are 6,600,000 voters in Bulgaria and around the world. Active registration will make the lists in Bulgaria more accurate, he said, but specified that this would not changed the election result.