“We have all already touched girls”, after his remarks Abdel Bouhazama dismissed

After his sexist remarks during the pre-match chat in Montpellier, Abdel Bouhazama was dismissed from his position as coach of Angers Sco here. In his locker room, and in front of several women who were shocked like l’a reported West France, he had mentioned the Ilyes case Chetty by declaring: “It’s not mean, we’ve all touched girls before. In the newspaper The Team, Abdel Bouhazama explained on Tuesday that he wanted “put [son] player in good conditions, so that we play down, in quotation marks.

The reactions against the club have been raining since Tuesday evening, starting with the group of supporters of the Kop of the Butte 1992. Il its doing from a press release: “No SCO lives a nightmarish season that puts all the Angevin people to shame. Defeats follow one another, lawsuits and shameful cases accumulate and the image of our favorite club is a little more tarnished every day. The point of no return has been largely reached. Today, it’s about survival and reconstruction of the SCO what it is”. In this press release the supporters also specify that “Saïd Chabane must sell the club and disappear as soon as possible”. They call to demonstrate on Sunday, in front of the VIP entrance to the stadium Raymond-Kopa.

Charles Dierssports assistant for the city of Angers, also reacted on Twitter: “an educator can’t talk like that” For her part, the president of the Florence department A trap also condemned Abdel’s sexist remarks Bouhazama. “The need to motivate a team in real sporting difficulty during a pre-match chat can in no way justify sexist and degrading remarks, moreover from a trainer, former director of the club’s training center. This type of attitude is fortunately today unanimously disapproved, and such remarks must henceforth be banned and condemned.

Opposition city councilor Claire Schweizer (LFI)castigated the club. “With a president accused by 7 women of sexual assault and still in place, no wonder the coach trivializes violence against women with impunity”.

The club, for its part, communicated via AFP and Mohamed Sifaoui (director of communication of Angers SCO).[Les propos sont] unacceptable and reprehensible, but analyzed in their context of pre-match chat, they are more of a clumsiness and a boorishness. […] It will be up to him to draw the consequences of all this, but it’s not up to me to tell him to resist the pressure if his whole family advises him against it. This morning, he was completely annoyed.

In the meantime, it’s Alexandre DujeuxGerald’s assistant Baticle Then Abdel Bouhazamawho is acting in the interim.