We have already passed the worst part of the pandemic: Ministry of Health

The Minister of Health, Fernando Ruiz, highlighted this Thursday the work carried out by health workers since the covid-19 pandemic began.

He pointed out that, although the hardest part of the pandemic has passed, it was possible to address it during all this time thanks to human talent in health.

“This is not over yet, we can still have complex events, but I think we have been through the hardest part of this pandemic,” said the minister, who added that “most of the effort was carried out by human talent in health” .

He highlighted the work of health institutions, which have sought ways to expand and provide the necessary care to patients who require it, such as the expansion of intensive care services or the robust implementation of telemedicine.

However, he recognized the need to strengthen the human talent policy. Among the current problems are the availability and distribution of health personnel, referring to the need for specialists, nursing professionals and interconnected human talent.

Ruiz indicated that the current strengthening of the Human Talent in Health Policy responds not only to shortcomings exposed in the health emergency and other accumulated ones, but also to a series of legal frameworks, such as the Statutory Health Law, which he called “ the magna carta of our health system”.

For this reason, he promised that, in this month of nurses, the Nursing Policy will be promulgated, in accordance with Law 266 of 1996.