We have an insult! “His family didn’t know about the Zimmo Jimmy series either.”

The series The King seems to have been made behind the family. Árpy Zámbó demands an explanation.

The series The King seems to have been made behind the family. Árpy Zámbó demands an explanation.

It surprised not only the TV viewers that we would soon be excited about the life of Jimmy Zámbó in the form of a ten-part series thanks to the RTL Club, but also the family of the legendary singer. However, they, unlike the fans, are far from enthusiastic. In fact!

“It’s been two years since a Jimmy movie was made.” We negotiated about it, but in the end we didn’t contract. Then we were told if there were any developments, they would report, this has not happened so far. There was no talk of a series before. I will be honest, I have a grievance in me, in fact. Our mother and us, the siblings, were said to have been completely left out of the preparations, but they were not even told that this ten-part series would be at all. I’m waiting for an explanation of how this might have happened! – Árpy Zámbó came out to Blikk, who allegedly learned from the paper about the news of the forthcoming series.

According to his brother, they were completely left out of the Jimmy series, which they are not happy about. © Bors Archive

At the same time, the situation is not so simple: according to the channel, they had just consulted with the Zambos, but not with the brothers.

– Of course, we consulted with the family about the plot and the songs that were played, and a contract was made for that.

This was also confirmed to the paper by one of Jimmy’s sons.

– We, the heirs, contributed to the completion of the series, as our permission was required. However, we could not initiate anyone Sebastian explained.

How is this possible?

Since the heirs of Jimmy’s songs are his children (Krisztián, Adrian and Sebastian) as well as his widow, Edit, the creators of the series only had to ask their permission. That’s why Jimmy’s siblings and mother may have known nothing about all of this.