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We have no doubt that there is compatibility between AICM and Saint Lucia: next director of the GACM

"We felt that in the case of MITER, and at some point ICAO, they were a source of pressure to orient their words in a sense" to support the Texcoco project, said Gerardo Ferrando.

The future director of Airport Group of Mexico City (GACM), Gerardo Ferrando, I affirm that has no doubt that there is compatibility between the Mexico City International Airport (AICM) and the airport project that the next government plans to develop in Santa Lucia.

"We feel that in the case of MITER, and at some point ICAO, were cause for pressures to orient his words in a sense "in favor of the New Mexico International Airport (NAIM) in Texcoco, accused in an interview to #AristeguiEnvivo.

He even recalled that in 2013 the same International Civil Aviation Organization (ICAO) He noted the feasibility of the simultaneous operation of both terminals.

In that sense, he explained that the next step will be the deep analysis of the airspace, to guarantee the operation of two civil aviation airports.

Ferrando said that despite the Terminal 2 of the International Airport "Benito Juárez" of Mexico City (AICM), which came into operation in 2007, since 2013 it is saturated, as It is moving 48 million passengers a year when it only has capacity for 30 million.

Given this, he said, the next government plans to recondition the AICM and the one Toluca, besides building two tracks in the Military Base of Santa Lucia.

I affirm that the decision that was made was sensible, every time "What we have will be used": Terminal 2 in the AICM that has only been operating for 11 years and the Toluca airport, which will now be connected to Mexico City through the Interurban Train.

While he admitted that the Texcoco project, that it was expected to be the third largest airport in the world, "It's beautiful", it does not adapt to the current reality of the country.

In that sense, he considered that it is better to adapt to the resources and investments that already exist. "We are a country with so many needs that we have to take advantage of what we have, we are not to be wasting"

He said that to fix the AICM they need three billion pesos; for the one in Toluca, two billion pesos, and for the two Santa Lucia tracks, 75 billion pesos.

"We have the enormous advantage that we are a very visited country, particularly in Mexico City the number of flights is very large in the number of passengers. So It is the Airport Use Tariff (TUA) which has allowed financing what was the Texcoco project, and that same source will guide it to pay for other works, "he said.

Regarding the meeting held by Andrés Manuel López Obrador with representatives of ICA and Hermes Infrastructure, Ferrando said it was a very cordial meeting.

"We will have meetings with all the companies that are participating … The possibility of airport growth is not canceled"He added.

Next the full interview:


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