We have no news of our Buick Envision ordered over a year ago. Is this normal?

On February 14, 2022, my wife ordered a Buick Envision Avenir from a GM dealership in Quebec.

To date, we still don’t have any news, or even a manufacturing date… Is this normal and what should we do?


Hello Yannick,

Waiting over a year for this SUV seems unreasonable to me. That said, the Envision is Chinese-made, and is trickling into the Canadian market. It fills a void in the Buick range but is certainly not an important model for the manufacturer, which prefers to sell us North American-made products.

I would also add that the fact of having ordered an ultra-luxurious Avenir version perhaps makes the exercise even more difficult, since the latter requires more microprocessors to power the various equipment.

Photo: General Motors

Personally, and although the Envision is a very honest product, I would do some research to get the opinion of other dealerships. If it is a vehicle that is almost impossible to obtain, it means that there is a restriction. I don’t know of any dealer who is holding back the sale of their vehicles. However, there are many sellers who do not play fair and who do not give the right time. If we can’t provide you with a serial number, we don’t get an answer and nothing is happening, tell yourself that the dealer can’t do anything about it.

I know, that’s a bit of a disappointing answer, but there are many such situations. Especially towards more popular models, which therefore makes me a little more puzzled about your situation. Because the Envision is not a popular or coveted product. In 2022, only 3,790 units found takers in the country, including 540 in Quebec.

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