we have the Hungarian hit of the century

The Duna show, Let’s do the festival, ended with standing ovation, tears of joy and amazing catharsis. final. Nine songs competed for the title of the hit of the century in the productions of Hungary’s popular star performers, of which – based on the votes of the audience and the jury – Kati Kovács’ song “I want to thank you” won with Szilvi Agárdi – reads the MTVA announcement.

Let’s do the festival! in the finale, all singers switched to a higher speed and performed their competition song with the greatest possible experience. All productions returned to the stage renewed: Csaba Vastag entered the semi-finals with the Hungária hit Micsoda, buli, and this time he descended onto the stage from the air. Wait until the sun rises with a powerful performance made it to the finals with Gergó Baricz, and Különös sylveszter with Nika and Eniko Muri proved that a song associated with a holiday can also be a popular hit.


Once again, Kicsi, come with me… with Petra Gubik and the Fényev distance with Péter Sándor caused deep, touching moments. Not a single eye was left dry by Balázs Fecó’s composition, the song “Homok a gyelben”, with which Kati Kovács performed, and the song “I would like to thank you” was also received by Szilvi Agárdi with a standing ovation and misty eyes. The most cheerful hit of the series, Gyere, te nímand with Szandi and Gergő Kirchknopf, once again exercised the diaphragm muscles, and even the toes danced in the performance of Margit Aranyesőre Bangó.

The show increased the excitement of the final with a surprise production: Lady “N”, the winning hit of the previous season, was played again with the inimitable Peter Šrámek. The young performer said that since the show, the audience’s favorite song has been requested not only at concerts, but also while shopping from him.

The jury voted

The hit of the century was selected in a similar way to last season: first, the viewers sitting in the studio could vote, then after the total, the jury – György Korda, Klári Balázs, Károly Frenreisz, Andi Balázs, Feke Pál and Bogi Nagy – could give additional points to the songs, which the final order was formed. On the third step of the podium, with 83 points, the composition of Gábor Presser, made famous by the musical piece Padlás, Fényév tászány with Péter Sándor finished.

The song of Pál Gábor S. Pál – Iván Szenes – which the country became familiar with during the performance of Zsuzsa Cserháti – Kicsi, gyere melem… with Petra Gubik was just two points behind the first place. At the top, just like last year, there was a “double victory”: once again the original performer of the hit of the century and the contestant were in the studio. The best result, 107 points, was achieved with Szilvi Agárdi, who scored the best result, 107 points. , that it was with this song that he could be a part of the musical adventure of the Danube spanning decades.

“It is very rare to have a show like Let’s do the festival!, which has a calm and loving atmosphere in every broadcast. It was a great relief that the show producers fully understood my situation. Kati Kovács’s hit “I want to thank you” is known and associated with it by everyone. It was a challenge to sing in a way that would please the audience, the jury, and the original performer. Sometimes it’s also to stop myself from crying. Many times I felt the impression of those present around me. I am grateful that I could sing this particular song,” said Szilvi Agárdi, who is confident that she will be able to perform one of the most beautiful and sincere confessions of Hungarian folk music many more times.

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