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We have to make the Court of Accounts really efficient

The Court of Auditors must become as efficient as the British NAO, otherwise we will always have shoveled reports without any effect.

By Nicolas Lecaussin.
An article from Iref-Europe

Like every year, the report of the Court of Auditors made the front page of the media for a few days. And as almost every year, we learn that the deficit and the debt increase while other countries are doing much better (half of the countries of the euro area show a structural balance of their finances). So, France is champion of compulsory levies and public spending but also ranks among the "best" in terms of deficit and debt. Worse, no sign of improvement is visible and no real reform is envisaged by the government.

Similarly, the Court criticizes the management of Radio France, is concerned about the "reform" of Intercités trains and denounces many privileges granted to EDF agents. She has already covered all these topics in the past. The situation of EDF and the very costly benefits of the agents and the expenses of their works council (the famous CCAS which has a budget of more than 470 million euros) have already been the subject of multiple recommendations from the magistrates of the Court. In the report that has just been published, we find, concerning EDF:

The Energy Advantage, ie the free subscription to EDF, a preferential rate for electricity (4% of the basic rate) and exemption from taxes. This applies to the principal residence, the second home, or even an occasional residence, even for retired agents … "The cost to the business results both from the shortfall in the subscription and fee amounts and from the obligation to pay the taxes in place of the employees. and retired beneficiaries of the benefit. " Or 295 million in 2017.

The special pension scheme. Its rules converge towards those of the general system. But it is still possible to retire at age 57, with 17 years of active service. The pension is calculated at a rate of 75% applying to the average of the last six months, including the thirteenth month. EDF pays 800 million a year through, among other things, a tax paid by consumers on their bills.

The housing stock. 14,408 housing units were available to employees in 2017. This represented a charge of 295 million euros for EDF, an increase of 11% compared to 2011.

Family policy. Generous bonuses are paid for family events; for example, a month and a half salary for the birth of a first child. In all, this type of aid reached 68.1 million euros in 2017.

The themes of the Court's reports regularly come back


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