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We have to talk about the soulless pit in Kim Kardashian's bathroom

Kim is obviously about the aesthetics in her bathroom (Image: Getty Images)

As the mighty saying goes, "Judge not and you will not be judged" or something like that – but in this case, we are very sorry, but we will judge it hard.

We are all for aesthetic opinions and different opinions, but good people, we have to talk about Kim Kardashian's bathroom.

Is that what the rich people call "wet room"?

From the rocky granite bathtub with its extremely sharp edges, suggesting that this is not a place to the north, Saint and Chicago would each choose one step (we hope), right down to the random fortifications on the wall and the * Digest wood floors.

Just take a look at it (Image: kimkardashian / Instagram)

Like wood floors? In a bathroom? Ha! Enjoy your warped floorboards, Kimmy – we'll take out that soaked death trap.

And it's as if Kim is not even aware of how soulless the restroom is in her bathroom, because she shared a mirror selfie this week and simply tagged it: "A little bit of fair hair is missing."

What about the feeling that your bathroom is lacking in emotion and warmth?

Look, we're not an extraordinary design, or even amateurs, and maybe it's compulsory to have a bath without any feeling when you reach a certain number on your bank balance, but our views have been from a whole bunch of Kim's millions of followers supported.

"This bathroom is so depressing," one commented on the snapshot, when another claiming to be a designer was too involved. "As a designer, I have so many questions … you do not feel cold in the shower "Where's your shampoo? Looks like real wood, but needs to be tiled. Where's the drain? Is it linear? Love the minimalist aesthetic, but try to figure it out."

It really does not look like a kind of bathroom where some kids walk around (picture: BACKGRID)

Hear hear. It's like, sure, yes, nice – but it seems more like a show-bath than one of the big uses.

If this tub is not closer to the wall than it seems, and if you take a shower when you take a shower, does the water simply run all over the floor? That's a slip hazard if we've ever seen one.

However, some of their fans were as distorted as the wet floorboards when they said, "Love the bathroom romantic."

Romantic? ROMANTIC ?!

Another one lost it when they wrote, "OMG … the whole bathroom."

Oh my God, No!

We have already seen other parts of Kim's house that openly make a comparison with a cold museum.

In fact, when people joked that Kanye West was in "The Sunken Place", the empty area of ​​"life" that Jordan Peele created in Get Out, Ye posted a series of pictures of the empty corridors of his LA home Kim

He wrote, "Looks like the sunken place," when he tweeted a long, concrete hallway image with a single chair at the end.

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It may not look like the sunken place, but it's no fun.

If Kim Kardashian still wishes to bring us an invitation to be with her in Calabasas, then you think this whole post is superfluous. We love what you did with the joint, Kimmy …

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