‘We have what to achieve the Copa América title’: Usme


Be the historical scorer of the National Team, since it began its process 13 years ago, with 54 many converts, have the captain’s band, be a natural leader, a benchmark in Colombian women’s football, and in addition, being the maximum artillery player of the America’s Cup of Chile, that today begins its final stage with the quadrangular, they give to Maria Catalina Usme all the credentials to speak with all the ambition.
That’s why he does not hesitate when he says with aplomb that his ultimate dream to date is to win the Copa América title with the Colombian National Team, trophy that they had very close four years ago in Ecuador. They reached it to touch, but Brazil in the end was left with the distinction. But this time, as the Antioqueña born in Marinilla says 28 years ago, there is a team to accomplish this goal and mark a new history. Persistence, and even stubbornness, are virtues of this talented left-hander. “We have a team, there is maturity, we have been playing together for 13 years, there is a coach who is very precise and players with a high technical and tactical capacity. The group, in addition, is very strong mentally. So we have to reach the title of the Copa America. We have three very strong rivals, but we have all the strengths to achieve this goal, “Cata said from Chilean territory in an interview with EL TIEMPO, the tournament’s top scorer (9 in four games) and who plays with América de Cali in the Women’s professional league in Colombia. According to her, having launched the Women’s League in the country, gave a push and a consolidation to women’s football. “The championship has allowed the players to have a permanent rhythm of competition and to maintain their physical conditions to the fullest. That has been decisive and that is the task that must be done to get new figures of Colombian women’s football “, said the player who started kicking a ball since she was seven years old, when, motivated and supported by her mother, Luz Marina Pineda, she entered the soccer school of her hometown, although she was the only girl in the numerous group of students. “Since I was little I played with children, the girls of apoco were getting into the story, but you had to start walking in some way in this sport. My family and my mom have always been my engine and they are proud of what I have done in football, “he recalls. His first team, in Medellín, when he decided, after finishing his high school studies, to leave his town behind to look for new horizons, was Formas Intimimas, club that has always valued and worked to get many of the female football figures that are part of the selection. That was his first impulse. There he improved his technique and also had the experience of starting to teach the younger ones. The captain of the national team, who graduated two years ago as a sports professional at the Polytechnic Jaime Isaza Cadavid, believes that the arrival of coach Nelson Abadía was also a good point for the national team. “Abadía focuses on everything, does not miss any detail, is very observant in the tactical, the technical, the physical and even the psychological. He is a great guide. That makes us take care of many things that make a difference in the field. It is motivating to be here and now we must continue doing our work, “noted the ’11’ of the national team, who always dedicates his goals to his mother.
The secret of free throws Usme revealed that his goalscoring ability has improved since he is guided by Jersson González, the coach of the women’s America, since with him he does specific jobs in the ball. Hence, he has improved a lot in the scoring effectiveness in the free throws, and even in the corner kicks, in which he already has an Olympic goal in the Women’s League. “I have been fortunate to have Jersson. He was always characterized as a player for being an outstanding collector of free throws. I’ve learned a lot during the time I’ve been working with him. We emphasize free throws, and train separate sessions in the receipts. You have to hit the ball with power, but also with subtlety. In my case, most of the time, with the inside edge of the foot. And yes, it has been improved, “explained the front who without hesitation says that his best goal scored in his career was the one that made him a free throw, the second (he doubled) the United States in the Rio 2016 Olympic Games. Usme pointed out that he dreams of winning the Copa America, as well as qualifying with the national team of France 2019 and the Olympic Games of Tokyo 2020. “I’m going through a good time, but the National Team is above all. It is a great group and we will give everything to achieve a joy to the country, “concluded the Antioquia, who believes that his best friend in football is Sandra Sepulveda, goalkeeper of the national team and admire all players of the national team will compete in the 2018 World Cup in Russia. JAVIER ARANA EL TIEMPO EL TIEMPO Editor On twitter: @arana_javier


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