We invite you to enjoy the play ‘A small murder without consequences’

“A small murder without consequences” is a wild black comedy about three adults and their attempts to keep hiding the truths they’ve been wanting to avoid for a long time suddenly blow up in their faces. To do this, they will do what we all do: lie, evade, justify, manipulate, deny reality, consider the crime, hide the body, and, ultimately, complicate their lives.

The piece plays with the outbursts and instincts of these three bourgeois characters, civilized, cultured and integrated into society, with respected and respectable trades, with higher education and comfortable lives, with concerns and possibilities of materializing.

This work will allow us to find out what repressed desires they keep, if there is a possibility that crime, murder and infidelity are involuntary and if the uncivilized human part is the most authentic, questioning whether we can reach it through a lie.

If you want to enjoy the work, participate by filling out the following form before Friday June 10 and get double tickets for the Saturday, June 18 at 6:15 p.m. at the Teatro Lara in Madrid (Corre. Baja de San Pablo, 15).


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