– We jump one meter with the car – NRK Vestland

I did not understand what I had driven on, but I understood it was a bit hard, says Bjørn Ivar Jensen.

On Friday night, he and his wife were to take a cuddle trip from the cabin at Dokka, and to Western Norway.

– We had a nice trip, to the small.

Jensen drove on a rock about one meter in diameter inside the Fjærland tunnel on the RV. 5 between Sogndal and Sunnfjord.

In the tunnel there was bad light flashing, and Jensen says he dazzled when he met a truck just before he drove on the rock.

– We jump a meter or two with the car. The first thing I thought was “fuck the hell, now our car smoked”, says Jensen, who is a trained mechanic.

The car has no damage in the rear position. The car that came behind Jensen just managed not to drive on the rock. Police first reported that the two cars collided. That’s not true.

SMELL: The rear tire of Bjørn Ivar Jensen’s car is in an unnatural position.

Photo: Jo Marius Bøym

Look up at the hole in the tunnel wall

After the accident, Jensen looked straight up into a hole about one meter in circumference in the tunnel wall.

Jensen has driven a car since the 70s, but never experienced anything like it before.

– I have never been afraid to drive in tunnels, but one begins to think when something like that happens.

Creates power outages and queues

The contractor is inside the tunnel, and the police report that there is minor material damage.

– It is completely dark in the tunnel at the moment, Knappen said just after the fall.

The stone must have led to a power outage in the tunnel. BKK is on site to ensure that the light returns to the tunnel.

The tunnel is closed.

– It is uncertain whether we can open tonight or not, says traffic operator Stian Rosnes at Vegtrafikksentralen vest.

Chief of Police Øyvind Førde in the city states that the contractor is inside the tunnel and is clearing now, and that the tunnel will be closed for at least three hours.

Førde says that he does not know if a geologist has been called in to assess the damage.

Ras i Fjærlandtunnelen

CLOSED: Chief of Police Øyvind Førde moved out to the north end of the tunnel.

Photo: Geir Bjarte Hjetland / NRK

Stone fall two days in a row

Yesterday a stone fell from the roof of the Trodal tunnel on E39 in Masfjorden. Then the car of Grzegorz (41) was smashed. One witness described it as having an “angel guard.”

The Norwegian Public Roads Administration inspected the Trodal tunnel three days before the fall.

– Geology is not an exact science. Fjell is a material that is in motion, so even if it is inspected and secured, there may still be loose material in some places that can fall down, said department director in the Norwegian Public Roads Administration Operations and Maintenance West, Svenn Finden to NRK after the accident on E39 .

The Norwegian Public Roads Administration strongly regrets the accident.

Rockfall Fjærlandstunnelen

CLOSED: The tunnel is, for example, closed.

Photo: Jo Marius Bøym

At 2 o’clock last night, Vegtrafikksentralen reported that the tunnel was open.

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