Recently, Kenny james, Bowser’s voice actor, has been kind enough to grant us a great interview where he has shared really interesting statements about Super Mario and other topics. In the meeting, he has confirmed what his favorite video games are.

Apparently Kenny James is a huge fan of video games and has some favorites, both within the universe of Super Mario and outside. These are the words he shared:

I love Mario Kart games! Actions like driving or flying are some of my favorite activities when playing a video game. Despite that, I recently started playing Super Mario World again. It’s still fun for me. Also, I love the music in that game.

Regarding games outside of the Super Mario franchise, I’d say I really like those set in space, like Star Wars Battlefront and Star Trek: Bridge Crew. BTW, Star Trek is incredibly fun in virtual reality!

What do you think? Do they match your tastes? Do not hesitate to leave it in the comments. You can also find the full interview at this link.

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