We led: Cupra Born

You can see perfectly in the Cupra Bornon what gave you the basics. Compared to the Volkswagen ID.3, however, it shows a different character. It doesn’t bring far as much sportiness as the brand would really need. A stand-alone model, yet it seems like a rather rational decision. The proportions of the Born are uniform, high and wide, the nose plump, the overhangs short. 15 millimeters lower at the front and 10 millimeters at the rear axle compared to ID.3. You can get 19-20 rims larger than average.

They say they could only draw a tall car because of the built-in battery. And we know that it can be solved nicely, sportily. We also have the know-how in-house (Audi e-tron GT, Porsche Taycan), but there is also the BMW i4, which can be taken as an example. Born, on the other hand, is a salable form for a wider audience, perfect for the city, families, and almost any age group. A nicely resolved security step.

Born 4322 millimeters long, 1809 wide and 1540 high, 2677 millimeters long

The looks of the Cupra are not just determined by the car. They created a lifestyle and the nice thing about this is that not a single cliché was baked on it. You don’t have to take a close look at either Born or the other Cupras to see if they don’t have the color, detail, solution used to boredom, there are new things here while you have the measure in everything.

There are colors, lights, surfaces, shapes that we haven’t seen in a car yet. They work with matte shades of bronze, matte gray and bluish purple, all of which have good taste. Spectacularly different, but not loud. Restrained, measured, stylish, but there is excitement in it. It’s good to see that untrapped ideas were taken off the shelf and shoveled into a pile.

These need to be appreciated in Cupra, and the fact that it’s not just about the car is just an accessory. They have created and offer a complete collection of clothes, furniture, accessories, leisure equipment to customers, and the nice thing about all this is that these products are stylish and fashionable even if we don’t put a car next to them. It’s a world they’ve done for those who are receptive to that, a little different.

Commercial electric car with style - The Cupra Born is a good ID.3 3

The ornament of column C received an interesting pattern

What Born shows live depends largely on the colors used. He got dark shades, except for a lighter gray, but they all fit him very well. The design of the rims is beautiful in itself, the details are good and the logo is on the hood for the first time. It is a desirable object, despite the shape of the iron, it has something sporty in it. It may be because of the big rims, or you can really see the planting on it, but the design sticks well to the road, which helps a lot with its fundamentally uncharacteristic proportions.