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When this story first broke in 2008, the British press claimed it was about a pair of twins, separated at birth, who didn’t realize they were brothers until the marriage was consummated. However, 13 years later, it is not only the incest that comes to light: the sister was a minor and mentally disabled.

Legalizing incest is an inconceivable idea through the ages. A couple of brothers, who were married 15 years ago, know this and struggle unsuccessfully to change the situation, despite what their request evokes to the world.

They are Patrick Stuebing and Susan Karolewski, residents of Leipzig, Germany, who in the photographs look like a conventional couple, except for the dark background of their union.

In 2008, the British media outlet Daily Mail just showed the tip of the iceberg of this complicated story. It reported that Patrick was given up for adoption shortly after birth and that 18 years later he met Susan. They both fell in love and got married without knowing they were brothers.assured the note.

Since then, the debate around his case has been installed in German society, involving legislators, judges and public opinion in general, since the man was sentenced to prison for incest. And it is that, nothing stopped him, despite the confinement. He continued to procreate with her sister, even knowing the degree of consanguinity between her and her.

“This is a terrible trauma for them. They were lost when they were babies and now they are lost again. They’ve been dueling twice.”assured a family therapist quoted by the British portal.

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More than a decade after that analysis, new information was published on how this union was created, which continues to generate criticism worldwide.

One of the outstanding details is that the incestuous relationship between the two brothers occurred 6 months after their mother died. It was not long before Susan gave birth to several children by her brother.

Daily Mail

“Our mother would not have approved, but the only ones who should judge us now are us”in current words of Patrick Stübing.

2 convictions and 0 guilt: brothers want to legalize incest

The image of the Susan and Patrick is again circulating in cyberspace. Recently, both insisted on legalizing incest, despite the fact that the German justice system -and beyond it- rejected their request, for obvious reasons.

To date, the pair of brothers who have 4 children together. One of them spoke publicly to reiterate that their union is still standing, despite the prohibition of the canons established in this regard.

“We don’t feel guilty about what happened between us. We want the law that classifies incest as a crime to be repealed.”said Patrick Stuebing, who was indeed separated from his family at birth when his biological father attempted to stab him in unclear circumstances.

However, when the international media reported the incest of this couple in 2008, they said that both were 18 years old when they met again.

The information served in recent weeks detailed that Patrick searched for his biological family, finding his mother and sister, Susan. The young woman was 17 years old and suffered from a mental disability.

Patrick and Susan met when she was 17 years old and got her pregnant with her first child.
Daily Mail

When that happened, the man was 6 years older than his sister. He knew the difference in ages, that he was a minor and the degree of consanguinity between the two. In fact, it was when their mother died that they consummated the controversial union.

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“I became the head of the family and had to protect my sister. She is very sensitive, but we helped each other through this very difficult period and eventually that relationship became physical.”Stuebing assured, in the story that was already updated by the Daily Mail.

When everything was discovered, the man who is 44 years old today, went to prison on more than one occasion. The first time, in 2002, after the birth of his first child. On that occasion he was sentenced to one year in prison. His sister, then 17, was taken in by child services. Shortly after, other children would arrive conceived with his brother, who was released on parole.

Between 2003 and 2004, Susan gave birth to two girls and her brother was sent back to prison, sentenced to 10 months for incest. However, by the time the lockdown took effect, she became pregnant for the fourth time.

The German brothers who want to legalize incest had 4 children.  Two of them have mental disabilities.
Daily Mail (2022)

Disability in two of his four children

The prison sentence and the social one are not the only consequences that this couple brought about.

Susan had a personality disorder when she met Patrick and for this reason she was not sentenced to prison, like her brother, since she was declared “partially responsible” for the events.

Their relationship had all the impediments to be consummated. She was mentally affected, she was a minor, adding that, genetically, they were not compatible due to their kinship, in addition to the moral and social canons dictating the guideline.

Over the years, it emerged that two of the couple’s four children have mental disabilities. Despite the above, Susan defended her life as a couple with Patrick.

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“We did not know each other in childhood. It is not the same for us. We fall in love as adults and our love is real. There is nothing we can do about it.”Held.

As the German laws rejected them in search of legalizing incest, they went to the European Court of Human Rights. A new setback came, since it resolved, ensuring that Germany ruled in accordance with its right and duty, based on “the protection of marriage and the family, (in addition to) “the risk of significant harm”referring to the risks of procreating children between siblings or other relatives with a close degree of consanguinity.

For Susan, though, it’s not a matter of genetics or faulty chromosomes.

“We follow our instincts and our hearts”sentenced.

They are brothers, they have 4 children and they want to legalize incest.
Daily Mail