"We made Bolsonaro a stereotype"


Brazilian Vice President Hamilton Mourao defends the record of the first months of the controversial president.

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Hamilton Mourao, in Brasilia, Wednesday, April 24.
Hamilton Mourao, in Brasilia, Wednesday, April 24. VINCENT CATALA for THE WORLD

There was a strange atmosphere on Wednesday, April 24, in Brasilia. Halls of the annex of the presidential palace, where officiates the one who designates himself as " the auxiliary " President Jair Bolsonaro, Brazilian Vice President Hamilton Mourao, rustled in small sentences, revealing the perplexity of a government that, if it does not face organized opposition, creates internal enemies.

Since the day before, General Mourao, 65, has become for some of the most radical "Bolsonarists" a traitor in power. The attack came from Carlos Bolsonaro, one of the president's sons, who accuses Hamilton Mourao of treacherously plotting to take his father's place. "This game is very clear," the Bolsonaro elder has been released. In question, the repeated interventions of the general to extinguish the polemics created by the eruptive speech of Jair Bolsonaro, which gave unpublished importance to this character a priori secondary, and a reputation for "Counterpoint" to the head of state. A paradoxical situation for this general rather known to have repeatedly hit the headlines during the election campaign with polemical statements.

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In his office, his eyes red with fatigue, the retired soldier sweeps the attacks of son Bolsonaro that his teams equate to problems of "Psychiatry". "Carlos does not know me. He never sat down with me to talk, " explains the vice president. "Jair Bolsonaro has his style, a particular style, a way of communicating that some people do not like. But I do not play an important role. I am an auxiliary. I am neither a moderator nor the interpreter of the president, He said.

Even less, he says, a "Counterpoint" to the excesses of the head of state. "It would be unethical and disloyal, He added. What I'm trying to do is give my personal opinion to help the president make decisions. Once the president has given his opinion, I stand with him. "


Refusing to embody an alternative if, by chance, Jair Bolsonaro was to be dismissed, Hamilton Mourao confirms his 100% adherence to the leader of the Brazilian far right. According to him, the report of the first hundred days of the government marked by slippage of communication, linked to the frenzied use of Twitter by the Bolsonaro clan, and the scandal of fictitious candidates of his party, the Social Liberal Party (PSL) ), is to be qualified.


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