“We made love in the company bathroom, on the kitchen table, in the park”

Put your hand on your heart: do you have desires or fantasies that you would like to live out, but you don’t dare to tell your partner? Maybe you find it particularly boring and monotonous sexet, but would that be the last thing you would admit? Now imagine that what you know at this moment, what you have experienced, what you have tried, that is, what you have tasted, is only a very thin slice of a large cake. It’s worth being curious and exploring – add a very honest push.

Passion isn’t just for twenty-somethings

“I got married at the age of twenty-four, and before that I had several shorter adventures and a three-year relationship. I stood before the altar in such a way that I already had everything that makes a woman call herself experienced, and I never want a new adventure again. My marriage was happy at first, but after five years our sex life became sparse and boring. I was like this is normal. A man over thirty is no longer so passionate in bed – and not even outside of it – as this kind of craziness is for irresponsible young people.

Then, after eight years of marriage, it turned out that my husband had stepped aside, and our relationship couldn’t take it. We tried a lot, but something was broken forever. A difficult period followed, it took two years for me to process the failure. At that time, a new colleague arrived at the company, and we were very attracted to each other from the first moment. After a few dates, we entered into a relationship that was the most passionate relationship of my life. We were crazy and wild, like twenty-year-olds. We made love in the company washroom, on the kitchen table, in the park. I never thought that at the age of thirty-five I could still wish for someone like this. No wonder I got pregnant after half a year.” Dora (38)

It just took patience

“I was in love for the first time when I was eighteen, and I also lost my virginity with my first boyfriend. We quickly realized that I couldn’t climax during sex, so we made love with him satisfying me in other ways before or after. It was still very good, I didn’t feel like I was missing anything. Then we broke up after four years, and another year later I met my current partner.


Blikk Retro – „Vannak olyan pillanatok, amiket az embernek szűk körben kell átélnie” – Stahl Judit egy évig titkolta, hogy férjhez ment


A woman is not junk if she gets excited more slowly, and foreplay is not a favor

A woman is not junk if she gets excited more slowly, and foreplay is not a favor

He is five years older than me, and had more experience. When I told him not to worry, I can’t leave during simple lovemaking, he didn’t say anything, he kindly acknowledged the matter. Still, when we made love, he did everything to make it the best for me: he made the foreplay long, he always asked how I was doing, he made sure that the time together didn’t last ten minutes, and most importantly: I never felt that I was under pressure, if I don’t make it to the top. A few weeks later, I was able to experience orgasm for the first time while making love. It was fantastic.” Edina (26)

Let’s play a little!

“Smooth, vanilla sex – that’s what the English call the kind of sex I thought I loved for a decade. For me, this roughly meant making love with my partner in a missionary or riding position, slowly and romantically. Of course, I still enjoyed it a lot, but when we got into a sexual routine in my last and longest relationship to date – which I had never experienced before, because I had never been with anyone for such a long time – it was clear that something had to change, otherwise we would either break up or step aside. We started experimenting and it turned out that gentle restraints, blindfolds and sex toys really turned us both on. Not only did our sex life reach a new level, but so did my own sexuality. I used to think I already knew everything about it, but I didn’t! I think it would be worthwhile for everyone to push their boundaries a little, otherwise they might never know what kind of experiences they could have.” Csilla (30)

The article was originally published in the September 2016 issue of GLAMOR magazine.

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