“We must constantly explain that this confinement is not a punishment”

“At Ehpad, we know very little about the coming weeks, and especially about the approaching summer. Normally, it is a time of activities and visits. It seems obvious that everything will be turned upside down, but we do not know in what proportion.

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In the meantime, time is getting really long and we constantly need to reassure, discuss, explain. We often repeat the same things for weeks, in particular that this confinement is not a punishment but a precaution. It must be remembered in the little moments of cockroach.

Moving visits

In the meantime, that’s it, the visits have resumed. Each time, there are a lot of emotions, because people have not seen each other for at least two months. Even if this is difficult, because contact is prohibited for everyone. It’s hard, but everyone respects these rules very well during these meetings, which always take place in the presence of a facilitator.

But even with this device, residents who have cognitive problems, and for whom contact necessarily involves touch, are still denied visits. For the organizers, the organization of these visits represents a titanic work: it is necessary to inform the families, organize the schedules, remind the sanitary rules …

Fear of a rebound

I want to tell myself that most of this epidemic has passed. Personally, I am relieved that this ends. For my teenage daughter, it is starting to get very difficult. And at the same time, I remain cautious because we do not know what will happen in the coming weeks, once May 11 has passed.

Everyone is so anxious to regain their freedom that people may not pay attention to their gestures, even with the best will in the world. The risk factors will necessarily be multiplied. I’m really scared of the rebound, and that the virus will manage to enter the Ehpad, while we have managed to keep it out so far. “



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