We need an expert government, the key is in Cornelia Ninova

BGN 504 is the limit for the Easter supplement for pensioners, and is the person with BGN 505 rich, she asks

Our voters tell us: Make a government, if possible expert. This country cannot do two years without a government! There was something there, and from then on, nothing, Mika Zaikova, a trade union expert, who was a candidate member of the ITN list, but did not enter the 49th National Assembly, said on BBC.

I respect the official ministers and prime ministers, they try, but they cannot do politics, said Mika Zaikova. According to her, one of the biggest Euro-Atlanticists is DPS, “it cannot be denied to Mr. Borisov as well”. Our MPs will still decide, but I think that an expert government is close to being supported. But the key is in Cornelia Ninova. She couldn’t be denied that she was thinking reasonably, but there was no telling what their collective body would decide.

Mika Zaikova will advise the deputies from ITN not to support the project for the ceiling on food surcharges.

Why couldn’t all pensioners get a supplement for Easter, asks Mika Zaikova. BGN 504 is the limit, and is the person with BGN 505 rich? They should be angry not at the government, but at the 48th National Assembly, believes Mika Zaikova.