“We never want to experience that again”: in Nice, the wastewater treatment plant hopes to no longer stink up its neighbors

The Haliotis station is both the big project of the decade and the great apprehension of local residents. While waiting for the start of the extension work planned for 2024, we will have to endure another summer. During the Carras-Les Bosquets-Sainte Hélène neighborhood committee on Thursday, the fear of reliving the nightmare of pestilential odors made itself felt.

“We never want to go through that again. It was hellish”, grimaces a lady, the audience nodding unanimously. Having come to apologize, Sébastien Papin, director of the wastewater treatment plant, talks about the exceptional phenomenon encountered this summer: “With high temperatures and low rainfall, we had less flow, therefore more concentration of fluents.” Particularly fermentable, they occasionally gave off odors from April to September.

“We are anticipating the summer of 2023”

A scenario that should not happen again in 2023, assures Vincent Ponzetto, director of the Eau d’Azur network: “We are anticipating now. With more than fifty years of activity, Haliotis, like an old car, needs renovations. We are making sure to improve the treatment process to swallow the overload.”

In the room, the reactions are mixed between applause and skepticism. “We just wish we had been kept informed”relativizes a man.

A local resident, distraught, adds: “We had no news during the summer.” “The information is available on our website”we retort. “But I don’t strum”, takes offense at a lady. In these cases, call Haliotis at

jury de nez

In order to ensure better communication, a nose jury was created at the height of the olfactory crisis. “We have been trained to recognize the type of odor to warn the treatment plant teams in real time”, explains one member of the jury. Based on this feedback, the technicians “locate the origin of the problem and intervene as soon as possible”.

“We can only hope that these solutions will succeed”, asks Pierre Vignal. The president of the neighborhood committee would like to remind you that he can be reached at

Concerning the rehabilitation of the station, the contract must be awarded at the beginning of 2023. A year which will be devoted to the environmental authorization procedures necessary for the realization of such equipment. Then the work will begin, which should last until 2029 for a budget of 550 million euros!

At the cutting edge of technology, Haliotis 2 will gradually enter service to avoid any interruption of wastewater treatment. And thus spare the nostrils and the well-being of the inhabitants.