We propose 5 LOOKS of ENTERTAINMENT for 5 plans, you love it

We are at that time of year marked by halftime, a concept that takes us somewhat lost … One day we wake up and we may have a sunny day ahead of us, but at the hour it can turn into a stormy day. Time is bipolar and our closet, too.

On the street we see everything: from people who release their winter coats, to people who continue to wear those dresses of a late summer … Autumn marks a combo of seasons, and is that the melancholy of the change of wardrobe meets the illusion of launching new acquisitions. Let’s face it, this era represents a mix of feelings in every rule, but that, deep down, we love it!

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Will I be hot? Will it end up raining? Will it cool? The constant battles with the wardrobe each morning are over. Since VANITY, we bring them 5 looks perfect for those halftime plans that we all have at some point in our week. Get ready with us!


Get a look of casual office that does not sin of informal, is something that we find difficult to achieve. A small detail will make the difference and we want to achieve that elegant style but trendy that fits perfectly with the atmosphere of our office, but also of the street.

This season we are experiencing the maximum splendor of different garments and fabrics ideal for our work outfits, such as elephant leg pants, vests, corduroy and many more! Therefore, we are going to opt for some leather effect bermuda shorts in chocolate brown from Zara that we will combine with a collared shirt babydoll of Mango.

Zara. Pvp: 99.95 €

Mango. Pvp: 29,99€

In addition, we will take advantage of the great reception of men’s vests to incorporate it (without closing) on ​​top of the shirt. We have chosen this basic V-neckline from Zara.

Zara. Pvp: 25.95 €

Some high boots like the Finola of Miista in black, they will be the ideal footwear to complete this look office. Yes, we will seal the look with two accessories that we have fallen in love with at first glance: the Medusa Tribute bracelet in yellow from Versace and the brown shearling baguette bag from Fendi. The most!

Miista. Pvp: 505 €

Versace. Pvp: 490€

Fendi. Pvp: 2.700€

There is nothing like wearing a look office that allows us to extend the day through the streets of our city …


Going shopping or touring your favorite exhibitions is a plan that we cannot refuse even in this new normal full of restrictions. The important thing is to be comfortable, because surely you will walk a lot until it is time to break for a snack or a wonderful coffee.

As the feet are our priority, we will wear the Nike RYZ 365 in white. We reveal that Run, lto French multi-brand store sneakers reference, turns 40 and to celebrate … has many pairs of shoes, like these, on sale! What are you waiting to take a look at their website?

Nike. Pvp: 75€

How will we combine them? A tracksuit will be our best bet and, if it meets the requirements of timeless, basic, unisex and cool, Even better! In the collection B3 de Bershka we have found the perfect combo, with t-shirt cropped and XXL pants. Although it is available in blue, orange and lavender, we are left with ash gray, a classic in its own right. Do you want to know the best? Not only is each garment made from 100% organic cotton, but technologies that reduce water consumption are used in its production. A plus to take (very) into account.

Bershka. Pvp: 15,99 €

Bershka. Pvp: 29,99 €

We’ll complete the look with a gray New Era cap with the metallic logo. The croissant bag from Giastudios in brown, it will be the icing on the cake.

New Era. Pvp: 24,00€

Giastudios. Pvp: 250 €


Saturday mornings are made to walk around the city, without rushing, ending in our favorite bar having an aperitif. After all week from top to bottom, a plan without a clock is more than welcome. Our look to carry out, has the color blue as the main character, so we will choose the Nineties Jeans of Laagam and a jacket denim of May.

Laagam. Pvp: 59

May. Pvp: € 295

We will mix these two pieces with a basic white t-shirt, in this case, The Villa Concept, the sneakers Dior Solarwhich combine the iconic Dior Oblique with an elegant touch of velvet in navy blue, and the chain belt with charms in white and yellow Gucci.

The Villa Concept. Pvp: 37€

Dior. Pvp: 690€

Gucci. Pvp: 980€

Likewise, we will opt for the saddle bag of Dior in blue tones and with velvet, to be in tune with the trend of the moment (and with the rest of the look) and we will finish with the Medusa Biggie model from Versace tortoiseshell. Let’s hope it’s a sunny day so we can show them off as they deserve …

Dior. Pvp: 3.200€

Versace. Pvp: 240€


In this new season, if it rains there is no problem, because we already told you that wellies are crowned as the footwear of the season par excellence. Even a rainy day will make us smile. Ganni has the boots that any fashionista I wish … In green color, they will become a must wardrobe background.

Ganni. Pvp: 245 €

The shorts padded M-KAE they will be a great option to combine with our rain boots, as well as any basic masculine style white shirt. In addition, we will add a trench long in green, in our case, of Sandro Paris, to complete the outfit.

M-KAE. Pvp: 81.95

Sandro Paris. Pvp: 445 €

A bucket hat It will be our best ally if we want to leave the umbrella at home and give it double use (that of protecting ourselves from the rain and that of raising our outfit to the next level). A safe bet? This burgundy patent leather basic from &Other Stories.

&Other Stories. Pvp: 39€

The Kånken Re-Wool backpack, the most renewed and sustainable version (since it is made entirely of recycled wool) of the mythical Kånken, will be perfect to complete this look. We are left with his version more preppy!

Kånken. Pvp: € 159.95


Being fashionable but always comfortable becomes our priority when our days turn to going from here to there. Therefore, Dad Pants of Zara in black, the sequin vest from H&M and a basic and short black jacket like this one from Bimba and Lola, they will be the most faithful combination we can have …

Zara. Pvp: 29.95 €

H&M. Pvp: 129€

Bimba and Lola. Pvp: 235€

To finish, we will put on the sneakers heritage unisex of Diadora, with pastel green details, and we’ll show off the bag puzzle small with tartan print Loewe for extra color and vitality.

Diadora. Pvp: 188€

Loewe. Pvp: 2.350 €

No, we are not forgetting about accessories … In this case, we are betting on the new launch of Gimaguas, the Dot Earrings, and a very special mobile case belonging to the new collection of Lafloïd, With our zodiac sign!

Gimaguas. Pvp: 65 €

Lafloid. Pvp: 120 €

And finally, the must which we cannot forget (even if we want to) … It is time for you to renew your old mask for the new ones masks AIRism of Uniqlo, with an innovative fabric ready to optimize our protection and comfort on a daily basis. For this outfit, we are left with the model in black.

Uniqlo. Retail price: € 12.90 (3 masks)

And you, with what look you’re going to start?

Sofia Cintas: @sofcintas

Images: courtesy of the firms, Giphy and Instagram