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"We racists? The only alarm to the 700 crimes per day of immigrants "

Matteo Salvini returns to the theme of immigrants rejecting any accusation of racism against the government. All this despite episodes of intolerance towards immigrants in Italy have been multiplying in recent weeks (the last case two days ago in Partinico in Sicily, where an immigrant was beaten). "To attack and beat is a crime, regardless of the color of the skin of those who do it, and as such should be punished. But to accuse all Italians of racism and of the government following some limited episodes is madness ". So the vice premier and interior minister Matteo Salvini. "I remember that the crimes committed every day in Italy by immigrants – he adds – are about 700, almost a third of the total, and this is the only real real alarm against which I am fighting as a minister".

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"A country where no children are born is destined to die. At the end of this term, the Government will be evaluated on the number of newborns more than on its public debt ". At stake "there is our tradition, our history, our identity" and the left is using the low birth rate as an "excuse" for "importing migrants". So the vice premier and minister of the Interior, Matteo Salvini, interviewed by the Times.

The minister, reports the Times, sees the low birth rate as the number one problem that Italy – with the second oldest population in the world – is facing. "We – he recalls – we created a family minister to work on fertility, on children, on a tax system that takes into account large families". In the interview, Salvini underlines that "in the last two months we have had 30,000 arrivals of migrants less than last year" and that immigration was essentially a problem of "employment" linked to an excess of manual labor supply. "The goal – he adds – is to have a legal, positive and qualified immigration and not the 700 thousand that have arrived on the boats in recent years".

Salvini also talks about Brexit, urging British premier Theresa May to adopt a harder line in negotiations with the EU. "My experience in the European Parliament tells me that you either impose or they cheat you. Because – he adds – on some principles there is no need to be flexible and you should not take any steps backwards ».


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