“We take 50 years in sight”: René Fouquerau has never missed a Traversée de Chartres

It’s going to cork this Sunday, June 26 in Chartres (Eure-et-Loir). And for good reason: a long procession of 250 to 300 pre-1987 vehicles will parade from North to South. After leaving the Leroy-Merlin car park, taking the outer boulevards, a stop is planned at Place des Épars and then finishing at the Leclerc car park. The 6th Traversée de Chartres is the flagship event of the Vintage Cars Club of Beauce (VAB) and its independent section, Rencard Chartres.

And onlookers on the edges of the roads will be served. For this great parade which celebrates rolling heritage, cars, military vehicles, mopeds, motorbikes but also old tractors will roam the Eurelian asphalt. “We are pleasing to the eyes. We take 40 or even 50 years in sight, it’s great, because I feel younger, it brings back good memories, ”rejoices René Fouquereau.

Driving a luxury Trabant

At 76, this aficionado of beautiful mechanics has never missed a single edition. He who participated in multiple world championships in model aircraft between 1970 and 1990 owns several cars. In his barn, they are all covered. “A Citroën Traction from 1953, two Trabants from 1970 and 1980, and there, three Salmsons: a cyclecar from 1923, a convertible from 1923 and a sedan from 1937”, list, all smiles, the retiree. For Sunday, his choice is already made: it will be his luxury Trabant 601 S, from 1980, cream color, with its green roof. “I can’t get the other one out, there’s a helicopter turbine in front”, turbine against which is placed a splendid Raleigh motor bike, from 1954.

“This car starts like clockwork. I have nothing to do, she is infallible. It is the reliability of East Germany, ”underlines the former postman. It’s also a perfect choice for carrying a whole bunch of gear. René will be at the Place des Épars terminal to welcome the participants. “I have to mark out the route, I carry blocks… It’s also very easy to park. »

René is nostalgic. “I brought this one back on a set from Germany, when I was going to Poland for a model aircraft championship. I had bought it in 1995 for 350 Deutsche Marks, or 700 francs. It was worth nothing at the time, four times I even exchanged it for a beer crate! Not even 10 Deutsche Marks. It was another era. “He currently drives this legendary old two-cylinder every day. “The mechanics can’t identify the breakdown on my recent car,” he confides.

At the wheel of this 680 kg, 26 horsepower machine, the assistant treasurer of the VAB club is in his element. “I like to organize things, having to prepare them… We have all the necessary authorizations for city crossings. Sunday, his car will be the first to open the ball under the eyes of the spectators seated at the edge of the sidewalks. “But this year, this Traversée de Chartres will not be done with the family. “My daughter, who drives the second car, the Traction, will not be able to be there, regrets René. But there will be more! »