We tell you why the blood shortage in the American Red Cross is due and why it is important to donate | Video | Univision 23 Dallas Ft. Worth KUVN

I have multiple greetings inplatforms.we continue with the news intelevision. the Red Crossyou need peoplego donate blood. thescarcity is so complex, soimportant that define itas a critical situation.Let’s go with Miguel Angel Piñero.To what do they attribute what ishappening?miguel: this problem hasto do with regular use inemergency units andbecause they have increasedorgan transplants andthat were paralyzedfor the pandemic.is precisely what hasled to this crisis. thepractically empty. no onlyin the dallas fort areaworth but also levelnational.>> at the american red crosswe try to have as ablood level for fiveyou were. we currently havereserve for noon,which puts us in adifficult situation.Miguel: the daily donation does notnot even enough for areservation day. on the other handthe time of year seems likeneither does it favor.>> besides the people aretraveling to visit theirloved ones and retake thoseSummer Vacation.miguel: if you are one of theI did not trust thisprocess, because we are inin the midst of a pandemic,red cross insists nothere is nothing to fear.>> all the people in thedonacón center areusing your mask,gloves that are changed everytime there is a newpatient, alldifferent stretchers wherewe sat down to have thereview of the case, aresanitized.miguel: we are tired oflisten to people who saynot if that needle comes fromother.So what to tell thepeople about protocolsof security?what do you think you are going to havea transfusion, which ismay get sick orit is simply not safe.>> all teams thatwe use in the red crossAmerican, they are completelynew. each patient willsee how the staff of thered cross open theinstruments, needles, bagsand even cottons,everything opens in front of thedonor for that personsee that it’s all completelynew.Miguel: if you wantjoin this noble mission ofdonate blood you should onlyenter the websiteamerican red cross.orgthere enter your codepostcard and you will find theday closer to youraddress.


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