We tested… Parkour!

For its 5th season, our meeting on the Sunday sports page, the “We wet the jersey” section is back. The principle is simple: you put on sneakers and shorts to come and test a sport. This week, we tried Parkour!

We wet the jersey” goes on the field to try out all the sports and physical practices. The goal, during a first approach, to discover a sport in the most playful way possible. Just to give others the want to get started…

And for this week, head to the streets of Dijon, a playground for parkour, the art of overcoming obstacles in an urban environment. If you are a boomer, you remember the Yamakazis, the pioneers in the field. But forget all that, Parkour has rejuvenated all that, with a wind of freedom still present.

With the Dijon Parkour Crew team, we quickly learned the basics of the discipline: knowing how to land, land well, but also jump well. And also emblematic figures of Parkour, such as the cat jump or the wall pass!

See OAMLM Parkour

If you also want us to come and try your sport, contact us on Twitter #OnAMouilleLeMaillot or on the Facebook page of France 3 Bourgogne

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