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We tested the Mercedes-Benz EQC in Oslo, the paradise of electric cars

Oslo (Norway)Updated:

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A lot of time has been spent talking about the Mercedes-Benz EQC, the electric 100% of the German firm that we have seen in the recent halls of Geneva and Barcelona. The model will arrive in Spain this summer, at a price of 77,450 euros, although Orders can already be placed at dealerships.

The EQC is a SUV of generous dimensions, with 4.76 meters long, 500 liters of luggage compartment, and 2,945 kilos of weight, of which more than 600 are taken by the batteries. Offers an autonomy of up to 416 km (according to the WLTP cycle), and 400 HP of power thanks to two engines located in the front and rear trains.

The big news is that we have already been able to test the model in Oslo, the Norwegian capital that we could consider as "the paradise of electric cars". With a population of 673,000, Oslo has an electric car park that is around 13 percent, with a recharge network that will reach 2,000 points by the end of the year. The truth is that both in the urban environment and on the road, the "fear" of running out of battery disappears, both because of the vehicle's autonomy and because of the availability of points where the car can be plugged in, both for normal and fast loads. For example, the public parking of the Oslo airport itself has nothing more and nothing less than two floors where all their seats have a charger for the car.

Already aboard our EQC and on the way to the city center we check how One in five vehicles is electric. This success is achieved thanks to the numerous advantages of this type of cars, since in addition to not paying taxes such as VAT, they do not have to pay the 3 euro toll to access the city center which is applied to the rest of combustion cars. Electricity is also much cheaper than gasoline (2 € liter wax) or diesel, and 98% of electricity comes from renewable sources. Thanks to this situation and to the infrastructures available, in 2025 Norway will stop selling combustion vehicles. A transition that is viable, since the number of electric cars in Norway already exceeds 100,000 units, compared to 500,000 in all European countries. That is, one in five electric cars in Europe is electric.

With this scenario so propitious is how it has been presented The new Mercedes-Benz model, called to compete with vehicles such as the Audi e-Tron and the Jaguar i-Pace. The EQC is presented in front of them with the most affordable price, with similar finishes to the rest of Mercedes vehicles, and with efficiency as the main one of its premises.

The Mercedes-Benz EQC behaves in practice like a V8, being able to accelerate from 0 to 100 km in just five seconds. It offers five driving modes, although when starting the car it automatically adopts the position «Comfort», which adjusts the throttle response automatically to offer a comfortable ride. This is an "intelligent" system, which learns from the driver and automatically becomes more dynamic depending on his driving style. , but, depending on driving style, it becomes automatically more dynamic.

In «Eco» position the vehicle gives priority to high efficiency with low consumption. If we select «Max Range» the parameters are adapted to achieve the maximum possible autonomy. In addition, the system helps the driver to stay within the ranges of minimum electricity consumption, hardening the feel of the pedal when we get out of the optimal parameters.

In position «Sport» is when the best response times are achieved to achieve maximum benefits. And a last position called «Individual» allows you to adjust the different parameters separately.

Additionally we have the assistant «ECO», which helps the driver achieve maximum efficiency. Connecting the cartographic data, information of the recognition of traffic signals and information of the intelligent security systems (radar sensors and stereoscopic camera), the multimedia system offers us indications on the right moment to lift the foot of the accelerator for approaching a speed limitation, or with functions such as glide and recovery. Through active supervision of the autonomy ensures that the driver can safely reach their destination, even if you omit a stop to recharge the battery in a public station. The electrical intelligence of the vehicle is also revealed in the navigation equipment optimized for the EQC. This equipment takes into account numerous factors when planning the route automatically, including, if necessary, stops to recharge the battery.

In addition to efficiency, at Mercedes they have placed special emphasis on making the EQC offer maximum driving pleasure. And for this special attention has been paid to the soundproofing of the car. According Achim Badstüber, responsible for the exterior design of the model, "Being an electric car we realized that when the noise of the engine disappeared, other types of noise appeared, such as the aerodynamics, those caused by the asphalt and even by the contact of the tires with the asphalt, so much of the design work had to focus on minimizing this type of noise. "

As for the equipment, even in its basic version, the Mercedes-Benz EQC offers an extremely complete range of standard accessories. In addition, the Spanish market includes elements such as the Blind Spot Control system, Multibeam LED headlights with automatic road lights PLUS, tinted windows, Keyless-Go comfort package, Parking package, Mirror package and the finish Electric Art interior. The first year also includes equipment such as heat insulating and soundproofing glasses, Advanced sound system, Pre-installation for Mercedes me Charge and Pre-installation to access the Ionity network, which allows fast charging at 110 kW at a reduced price.

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