We tested the nat’ wine in a can that ignites Instagram

Let’s stop our little lies, you and me: nine times out of ten, we choose our bottle of nat’ wine according to the beauty of the label. That’s how it is, I don’t make the rules. Even with the best knowledge of grape varieties, winegrowers and winegrowers, a pretty little bottle often weighs the balance on the right side. But, if we love beauty, and Canetta cans are from that fringe, with a perfect design by Odds Studio, what about good? Is canned wine the next cool vessel for the well-thought-out, natural little thirst quencher?

A glass and a little more

Already, why a can? Because it’s the quintessential pop object. Pretty, practical, and bang on the amount of the little aperitif craving, 18.7 centilitres, enough to serve a glass and two nice sips more. Imagined by Luca Pronzato (the gentleman behind We Are Ona) and Clara Cornet, Canetta plays curation, with each new edition featuring a new winemaker or winemaker.

For the first cans, it is the orange wine of Francesc Boronat, installed in Catalonia, which is put in bottles cans, for two grape varieties macerated for five and ten days, one with a very pronounced harshness that reminds us (it’s a compliment) of the just-waxed parquet floor of our grannies and the other, softer, very nice summer thirst quencher.

Snub (or downright finger of honor) to educational wine, Canetta is a fun object to share among lovers of the genre, and to bring back to your Bordeaux fan father-in-law to annoy him a little more with your natural wine that we don’t put to sleep in the cellar.

26 euros for a pack of four cans on the Canetta site.

Alcohol abuse is dangerous for your health, consume in moderation.

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