We tested whether it is worth buying the more expensive milk

In the next part of Before you buy, we blindly tested six types of milk to find out whether the most expensive or the cheapest boxed milk is the tastiest?

It is held every year on the last Tuesday of May international milk day the purpose of the occasion is to draw attention to the importance and beneficial physiological effects of milk consumption. Speaking of which, we present another episode of our Before You Buy series, in which we tested six types of milk.

Semjén Nora our colleague, starting with luxury Austrian boxed milk – Fresh organic alpine milk -, a Lidlthat is Aldia Penny through its own brand product Risk is in Parmalat purchased milk from each brand for the test. The most expensive cost HUF 1,100, while the cheapest cost HUF 369. In the tasting, Nóra’s children, Lilla and Benjamin they helped, they evaluated the milks from one to ten to find out whether it is worth buying the more expensive one or the cheapest one is the tastiest? At all, how big a difference can you feel between milk and milk? Results in the video.

Before you buy it

In our series based on subjective product tests, we are looking for the answer to whether it is worth spending a lot on a well-known or premium food, is cheaper really better?

2023-05-30 04:23:22

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