“We understand you.” Reznikov discussed with the head of the Pentagon whether the restriction for HIMARS applies to Crimea / GORDON

“It’s true, I don’t hide it. We pledged that we will not use high-precision weapons against Russian facilities on the territory of the Russian Federation. We witnessed this everywhere, even I personally did this in a letter addressed to my colleague, the head of the Pentagon [Ллойда Остина] – that we will use American weapons to contain the enemy and de-occupy temporarily occupied lands only on the territory of Ukraine,” he said.

The journalist clarified whether this restriction applies to Crimea temporarily occupied by Russia.

Reznikov replied that Austin also asked about it.

“I said that we have enough strategic facilities in the Ukrainian territories occupied by Russians. To which he replied: “We understand you,” the head of the Defense Ministry added.

War of Russia against Ukraine. The main thing (updated)


On July 6, Secretary of the National Security and Defense Council of Ukraine Oleksiy Danilov said that Ukraine had already received from the United States and allies nine HIMARS systems and similar installations. On July 9, the US President announced another $400 million military aid package to Ukraine, which included four more HIMARS systems.

After receiving modern weapons from Western partners, including American RSZV MLRS and HIMARS with ammunition range up to 70 km, APU destroyed a number ammunition depots of the invaders in the temporarily occupied territoryas well as the barracks where the Russian military was stationed.

Reznikov said that the United States is pleased with how accurately Ukraine hits the occupiers from HIMARS. According to the Ministry of Defense, HIMARS have destroyed more than 30 Russian military installations on the front lines in recent weeks.

The Minister of Defense of Ukraine is convinced that Western partners, having convinced themselves of the accuracy of Ukraine’s use of HIMARS missile systems, will provide the Armed Forces of Ukraine with ammunition for firing from these systems for 300 km.