“We want greater clarity and safeguards”

Many, too many unanswered questions. Many, too many news on infections, outbreaks and hospital clusters. Concern (and discontent) is growing among the doctors and health workers of the Policlinico Riuniti of Foggia, put on the ropes by the ongoing Covid-19 health emergency.

This is what the trade union organization Anaao Assomed denounces, which accuses the strategic management of “systematically ignoring the requests, the last of which on the occasion of the recent infections in the Gynecology facility”. “Evidently it does not consider it appropriate to inform its employees, directly or through trade unions, about provisions that heavily affect the working conditions of the staff, in violation of the contractual rules”, reads the note sent by company secretary Anaao Assomed, Fabrizio Corsi.

“Healthcare executives worried moreover by the multiplication of outbreaks of contagion from Sars-Cov2. We learned through our members, unless denied, of the recent serious situation that occurred in the Gastroenterology Facility: patient with an initially negative swab (later turned out to be Covid positive) who remained hospitalized in the ward for about 10 days, with the development of a cluster hospital that has already affected (and this would be very serious if confirmed) at least 16 health workers, in addition to some patients. Despite the reports sent to the health management, the latter remained hospitalized for days, together with other positive Covid patients who arrived later, in a ward where there are no gray areas, differentiated paths, environments for dressing-undressing staff, negative pressure rooms “.

“Department which, moreover, would seem close, from what we are told informally, to be converted into hospitalization for Covid patients. We hope not before that the necessary structural interventions are carried out to protect everyone’s safety. With further damage to all non-Covid patients penalized by the reduction or even the blocking of the various specialist activities. All obviously justified by the emergency (as if the Sars-Cov2 had arrived among us yesterday and not nine months ago), with dozens of patients who are stationed daily, awaiting admission to specialist departments, in the emergency room, the whose personnel are subjected to an increasingly burdensome and risky commitment “.

“Vano seems to be an attempt to maintain a separation between dirty and clean paths, with the current epidemiological situation. So much so that, moreover, the presence of various cases of contagion is also reported among emergency room operators. Cases that are added to the recent outbreaks that have affected various structures including Covid Reanimation or the one where the use of second-level dpi is greater. In the meantime, while we are desperately looking for spaces and beds in what appears to be ordinary improvisation, with more and more reports about the improper use of medical personnel for activities for which they would not have specialized skills, exposing them to medical problems. and with a decrease in the quality of assistance, news is awaited of the pharaonic structure of the new Deu, Emergency-Urgency Department, already declared ready last January on the occasion of the famous ‘4 steps’ with the Governor of the Puglia Region and that to today, for reasons that are unknown to us and despite the serious emergency situation, it has not yet come into operation ”.

“In this scenario of enormous difficulty in guaranteeing the right to care for patients, Covid and non-Covid, despite the ‘distancing’ that often separates the administration from the frontline staff and which has led, especially in recent months, several colleagues to leave the hospital, the commitment of doctors and health workers has never stopped or will stop, many of whom are represented by Anaao (still waiting – incidentally – the balance of the famous ‘Covid allowance’ in March ). No longer ‘heroes’, but professionals placed to protect everyone’s health, who as such ask for safety in the workplace and would like to be informed about the plan to combat the epidemic prepared by the Company for the next few weeks “, concludes the missive.



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