“We wanted to take the difficult road”

The mayor of Valparaíso, Jorge Sharp, confirmed that he will go for reelection in the municipal elections of next April 11.

In this regard, in conversation with CNN Chile, argued that “We made the decision to do it independently, that is, collecting the signatures that the law requires in order to participate ”.

“There is no level playing field between independents and political parties, but we wanted to take the difficult road to be able to reflect a broad alliance of citizen, social and political forces ”, said.

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He also revealed that he has spoken with different political forces, including the Wide Front (FA), the Humanist Party (PH), el Communist Party (PC) and with Buenos Aires politicians Socialist Party (PS), el Party for Democracy (PPD) and Christian Democracy (DC).

The mayor of Valparaíso believes that “the Political parties have not lived up to what people are proposing: How is it that the participation of indigenous peoples and the participation of independents is not resolved in the congress? There are laws that have been sleeping for months ”.

For this reason, he stated that “the most important thing for us is the participation of independents, organizations and social leaders “, along with “the construction of territorial programs.”

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Criticism of the government

President Sebastián Piñera entered the Constitutional Court (TC) a request of unconstitutionality to the bill that allows a second withdrawal of 10% of pension funds.

Given this, Mayor Sharp stated that “The attitude of the government is not understood.” “It expresses the disconnection of the Executive with the social reality of the country. I’m not surprised, ”he added.

“I do not know if the advisers of La Moneda see it, or have a street to understand, but what people see is that the president is opposed to money at the end of the year to pay the bills, to have resources that the State is not delivering to be able to finish the year in the best possible way ”, assured Jorge Sharp.

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Along the same lines, Mayor Sharp defined as “A strategic mistake” the requirement presented by the government: “it plays against them.”

Finally, he confirmed that “there are authorities in the government who are living in a reality that does not exist, in a parallel reality ”.

Gradual reopening of the region

Valparaíso is in phase two and Sharp’s goal is to advance to phase three. For the same reason, “we have carried out, together with the government and the Health Seremi, a plan called “Valparaiso Commitment”, where we go local by local talking with entrepreneurs so that they take all the sanitary measures ”.

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The mayor confirmed that they are working to “Offer a commercial tourist alternative” and thus begin to recover the economic losses that the quarantine brought to the Valparaíso trade.

Even so, he called the porteños and visitors to “Don’t relax”, since the goal of the municipality is to be able to advance to phase 4.



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