We watched "The Voice" with Pascal Obispo, the new juror

“Look ! It’s gone! “It is 9:05 pm the 7th season of “The Voice” begins . Excited as a kid, Pascal Obispo calls his wife Julie and his friends in front of the television. TF1’s new tele-hook juror discovers his first appearance on Saturday at his friend Fabrice Laffont’s Paris studio. “Turn up the sound!” The show starts with a close-up of him, in black and white, on the piano. He interprets “Singing”, joined by the one for whom he composed the song, Florent Pagny, then Zazie and Mika. “It’s very well filmed, it’s elegant,” he reacts. “It’s good, this version,” adds his old friend Dodo, deputy general manager of the Mercury label. “When I sat down, what was I freaking out?” First candidate, the tension is rising. Solia arrives with an energizing version of Katy Perry’s “Bon appétit”. On the screen, we see Pascal Obispo ask “What to do?” Sitting in the chair next door, Mika slips: “We must listen.” “When I sat down, what was I freaking out, confides the new juror. I, who no longer has the jitters on stage, there, I had a carabinee. It’s not natural for me to talk on TV and give a concise opinion about talent. And the other three jurors are strong, very strong. Three great pros … who have experience in the show. They were crazy, of course, but they were really terribly friendly and kind to me. ” Pascal Obispo is the first to turn around for Solia. On the set, the juror gets up, starts to dance, gets on his chair. “For a guy uncomfortable, say so, you do the show, the room his friend Fabrice. You broke how many armchairs? “To laugh, Obispo has donned his nicknames companions:” André Breton “for his friend Zazie,” for his sometimes surrealist comments “,” Father Fouras de Caracas “for Florent Pagny and” Peter Pan “for Mika,” because he is very intelligent and his remarks make him travel “. “What the show is well mounted, he applauds, as he discovers the images and candidates who were selected after the five days of blind auditions recorded in November. Our reactions, our exchanges, they choose the good things. But the show really started like this. ” “I’m doing these tricks!” Second candidate, Ecco, 16, carries us with “Life On Mars” by David Bowie, alone at the piano. Focus on the new coach. “I’m doing these trunks!” Smiled Obispo. “There you smile, but I see that you are very moved,” remarks his wife. The four coaches look back on the Ecco performance. At Fabrice, everyone thinks she will choose Mika or Zazie, despite the great game of Pascal. When Ecco chooses the latter, sounds a huge “Yeah!” In the living room. Fabrice coward: “You have the wager!” Dodo in professional remarks that she buzze already on the social networks. “You have not seen anything yet,” their friend announced. Arises a Colombian totally uninhibited. Drea Dury will make the jurors dance with Rihanna’s “Rude Boy”. “The band is excellent” says Pascal Obispo as a musician. After many jokes and battles between the jurors, it is Mika who managed to attract the Colombian candidate to his team. “There, I’m angry, look.” For Edouard Edouard, he presses the buzzer with his buttocks. “This is the first time that one buzze of the ass”. His cell phone lights up constantly on the coffee table. “I feel like I’m celebrating the new year,” he smiled. Here, a text message from my mother: “You are dispelled.” It is surprising that he did not turn on some candidates. “There are 140 and you can only choose 18,” he says. You have to be patient.” Pascal Obispo in tears for the recovery of “Lucie” His friends take advantage of a pub break to get some fresh air. He stays in the sofa, focused. “Come back! This is a horrible moment, “he announces. Appear on the show Rebecca and his mother, two big fans of him. Rebecca, 19, will sing “Lucie” for her mother hoping to “have an appointment with Pascal Obispo”. All expect a disaster. “It’s crazy she sings for you, she only looks at you,” says Julie. On the screen, her husband is in tears, head down, upset by this tribute . The four jurors turn around but Rebecca’s choice is obvious. Florent brews his arms. Obispo is dead laughing. “He needs to stay next year, Florent ( Editor’s note: he announced that it would be his last season ). He convinced me to join him. It’s my turn to convince him. “Zazie is doing the show, getting on her friend’s lap, stinging her glasses. But nothing works. Unsurprisingly, it’s his idol that the girl chooses. “It still moves me today,” says Obispo. The tears of Pascal Obispo / TF1 Capture Goulaan, the UFO of New Caledonia, will also move him to tears. “This man is unbelievable, he is so kind!” Says Pascal Obispo, still touched. He is also very touched when he sees again the passage with the father and his son, who are eliminated but that Zazie catches up and highlights. “In these moments of surprise and emotion, The Voice is the best French show,” exclaims Fabrice. “It’s beautiful huh!” Smiled his friend. “And that’s a serious room,” says Fabrice. We see that you get along very well. “” I’ve never laughed so much while watching The Voice, “adds Louise, her companion, a TV-hook fan. You brought humor. “We had a lot of fun,” Obispo confirms. I liked. We laughed, we cried, we danced. We went through all the emotions. There is even an incredible moment when we all cry … Do not worry, there is still a lot to come. In fact, The Voice should be called The Emotion. “

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