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"We were waiting for Erasmus, it is M. Moscovici who has arrived"

In his latest essay "The Phantom Europe", the philosopher draws the unmistakable conclusion of a European Union in agony and cut off from the people, whose last vestiges hide the Americanization of Western culture. Excerpts.

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Good leaves. Régis Debray inaugurates with his essay "Ghost Europe" the new collection "Tracts" by Gallimard, intended to bring writers into the public debate. The philosopher analyzes the intellectual debauchery and the political disintegration of the European Union. Excerpts.

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A secular myth

"In order to better understand what is left of the mind, we must give back to the sublime idea of ​​the European Union its aura of origin. And remind those of his twenty-seven members who would have forgotten where the blue banner with only twelve gold stars – that hangs on our balconies our miscreant Republic: the New Testament, Revelation of St. John, 12 (…). Twelve as the apostles, the gates of the heavenly Jerusalem and the tribes of Israel (…). No doubt Europeanism makes a weak civic worship, and more and more, but there are weak thoughts that are not without merit. We can see in him, and dauber at will, the heart of a heartless society, the spirit of an era without spirit, the point of honor of social elites without honor, but this myth galvanizing, this ersatz messianism that can be rallying many orphans disappointed expectations (former Maoists, communists or Trotskyists), takes place, in its own way, at its level, among the measures of self-defense that we adopt, under the name of ideology or of religion, against a reality that is hopelessly derogatory, contrary and even indefensible. (…) »

The toy of the elite

"Relieved of its aura, that of the last end, Europe reduced to its budget constraints no longer sighs but creak. The figures have taken orders, the Book of Accounts becomes the Holy Book, and the accountant, a high dignitary. Problem. What was originally a naivety of accredited economist and bailed out by a remnant of traditional and popular faith turns to the hobby of professionals of the profession, economists and jurists. Multi-sport mobile users in downtown areas who eat organic and take the carboniferous plane continue to adhere, this is the fate of sponges, but "people who smoke cigarettes and run on diesel" (in the words of a very "European" minister) desert places of worship and voting. The rich are also entitled to a corner of blue sky but Tartempion,
he picks up. (…) »

"An elastic geography prevents the cultural appropriation of a natural space, because no one knows where Europe begins and where it ends. The Bosphorus, Lapland, Urals, Cyprus? It depends on interests and longitudes. Europe-culture, Europe-territory
and the Europe-institution are not superimposed, especially since in terms of memory and mentality we should speak of Europe – the Catholic, the Protestant and the Orthodox. The Mediterranean has other folds and dreams than the Atlantic and the Balkan. There is no concordance between the subjective and objective sides of the "Europe" nomenclature – which makes membership not lived but constrained and polite. (…). Remember that men make history, but do not know the story they make. And that there is no example that the trajectory of an idea-force along time has escaped the deviation between the goal and the goal. At Ve century, we were waiting for Christ, it is the Church that has come. In XXewe were waiting for Erasme, it is M. Moscovici who has arrived. (…) »


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