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"We will appeal" the victims of the Defaix scam disappointed with the civil judgment in Quimper

The victims of the Defaix case are dismissed by the court of Quimper. However, in early September in a civil hearing, the small savers attacked Crédit Mutuel de Bretagne, who they said had to intervene during the collection of 32 million euros by growth cooperatives Jean-Jacques Defaix. The scandal broke out in 2010.

The lawyer plans to appeal

Since, Jean-Jacques Defaix has been found guilty of fraud. But the lawyer of the victims Hélène Féron-Poloni does not understand the decision of the court of Quimper and is considering appeal: "we will go on appeal, we went too far to stop now". For her, the CMB still had a responsibility: "It was never a question of saying that the CMB would be guilty of fraud, it is not the subject, the subject is to say in the context of a swindle of magnitude, what is the responsibility the bank that houses the rogue's accounts? " To this argument, the court of Quimper responds in its decision that the CMB has nothing to reproach itself.

Not a penny recovered by savers so far

Still, today, victims of the scam only have their eyes to cry. Hélène Féron-Poloni is surprised: "There are the liquidators, the financial representatives who have not distributed a single euro today, yet we know that there were about 8 million euros in the coffers at the moment the scandla broke out. Crédit Mutuel de Bretagne operated as a colander, with no control at the entrance, and no control at the exit, and finally no one would have to answer for the responsibility that they have hired. in that case ?"

The lawyer of one of the victims' associations estimated at the hearing that the responsibility for financial risk should have been assumed by Crédit Mutuel de Bretagne. The CMB was the banking institution that housed all the "cooperatives" created by Jean-Jacques Defaix. Maître Féron-Poloni believes that the case would never have had this magnitude if the CMB had been a little more scrupulous about the sums of money brewed by the cooperatives.

The time limit on appeal can be up to 2 years. The case should be retried in Rennes.


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