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Home Business "We will call for an act III of decentralization" (Stéphane Béaudet)

"We will call for an act III of decentralization" (Stéphane Béaudet)

THE TRIBUNE – Purchasing power was the first demand of the Parisians in the "citizens' notebooks" made available to them in the town hall. What can you do to improve the standard of living of your fellow citizens?

STÉPHANE BEAUDET – The improvement of the standard of living by the local power is at the margin. However, we are working on the energy transition by rehabilitating buildings or taking over the management of water and district heating. Twenty years ago, locals told me about safety. Today, they denounce the amount of the expenses of co-ownership. The problem of land-use planning, and especially the distance between home and work, is also on the table, but is the responsibility of the state. When the government takes away the housing tax, the only dynamic recipe for communities, it has to prove to us that it will not dampen our social model.

After hosting the President of the Republic on February 4 in Evry-Courcouronnes as part of the Great National Debate, what are you waiting for from the executive?

The question of purchasing power is very clear at the very moment when France is doing well. For me, however, the most essential subject remains the report of the French to elected officials. The current democracy as it is usually understood is no longer enough. We must strengthen participatory democracy between two elections, as evidenced by the request for citizens' initiative referendum (RIC) formulated by the "Yellow Vests". In the notebooks of grievances, there emerges a problem of rupture between the people and the central power, with a strong demand for strengthening local power. The President of the Republic has promised an Act II of his five-year term. During the Salon of Mayors of Ile-de-France, we will call for an act III of decentralization.

The return of the territorial adviser between the department and the region, as announced by the Minister of Territorial Communities Sebastien Lecornu in our columns, is it a first satisfactory answer?

This is a first answer to go to territorial debates. There must be 6,500 elected between departmental councils and regional councils. Reducing them to 3,000 would be a welcome decision. Then two questions arise: who comes to where? What will be the voting method? On the other hand, if the two communities do not change their skills, nothing will move.

And if immediate action were to be taken to alleviate the social crisis, what would it be?

I do not believe in miracle solutions, but in the multitude of solutions. On the same level, no family knows the same difficulties. Rather than promise us a "Great Evening", we need to give ourselves agile intervention capabilities.


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