We will expose Fandakova. We will hold her accountable for Ivanov’s appointment

This was commented by Metodi Lalov, who is part of the Sofia Municipal Council, to Frog News in connection with the appointment of Ivaylo Ivainov, former Secretary General of the Ministry of Interior, as head of the Sofia Inspectorate (SI) by Sofia Mayor Yordanka Fandakova.

“She is obliged, if invited by the SOC, to come and explain. And if her motives for appointment satisfy the citizens, it remains. If the motives are unsatisfactory, and they can not be different – society must show determination, energy and Fandakova to fire him. ” Lalov added.

Today, after 11 days of silence, Fandakova finally spoke about the appointment and acquitted Ivanov of the violence inflicted on Bulgarian citizens during last year’s anti-government protests. Metodi Lalov commented on the speech:

“She has no choice. When you appoint a corrupt person, it is clear that you have to justify that appointment and you cannot admit that this person is complicit. This is not a court finding that he personally ordered or participated in Here we are talking about the indisputability that Ivaylo Ivanov, when he was Secretary General of the Ministry of Interior, was beaten at that time. knowledge, it means that he is involved in criminal activity.But in any case, the objective fact is that Ivanov did not publicly differentiate himself from the actions of the beating police officers. force, seen behind the columns of the Council of Ministers – people in handcuffs, photographed, humiliated, thrown, kicked – it exceeds any limit. under duress. “

A few days ago, Lalov demanded the resignations of Hristo Ivanov, Ivaylo Mirchev and Antoaneta Tsoneva from “Democratic Bulgaria” in a post on his personal Facebook profile. According to unofficial information, it is claimed that Lalov’s attack came from the fact that he did not appear in the current electoral lists of the DB:

This is not the case, of course, this is an unworthy line of defense. I did not want to be included in the current lists of Democratic Bulgaria. It is not just about my participation. I have explained many times what the problems are. When it shifts in a simplistic way That it is because of some sick, unsatisfied ambition, it is absolutely unworthy. I did not expect my people, the democratic people, to lead a debate in such a simple way. Tsoneva to argue, as well as the inability to govern this party, so yes – I stand behind the resignations.

You can see for yourself that the problems are escalating. They are problems in the coalition. The resignation of General Atanas Atanasov from a local organization was also demanded due to the unjustified expulsion of Tsetska Bachkova – without explanation. When a candidate has been elected twice twice, citizens need to understand why he or she is not included in the lists a third time. No problem not to include it, but let’s understand why. For what purposes, for what motives? This is what is wanted. We want transparency and objectivity, which we claim we will do in the country, but we do not do it in our own parties. “

Mira Ereeva took the comment