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from Stefano Landi

The coordinator of the anti Covid campaign in Lombardy anticipates the regional plan. Meetings with pediatricians are underway: vaccinating children is the best Christmas present

There are many metaphors to explain the meaning of this vaccine run-up. Guido Bertolaso, head of the anti-Covid campaign in Lombardy, puts on his helmet. The curve rebounds and contagions also grow in these parts. Yesterday 2,207: the highest figure since May 6.

The question that arises is why, assuming that in the late autumn the scenario would have worsened, did we not schedule this third dose first?
“Because if we had asked everyone to go back to get vaccinated a month ago, nobody would have listened to us. Now people are scared again and for this they are hunting for booking clicks. From October to mid-November we had 800,000 appointments. In the last week alone we have given a million ”.

So what’s the metaphor?
«I would say that this is the Kabul effect. When the Americans said they were leaving Afghanistan, no one batted an eye. When they saw them boarding the helicopters, there was an assault on the airport. It always happens like this: until you touch that something serious happens, you wait and hope. Then you move and the race tends to start ».

So something has changed since last night: the news is that a third dose can also be booked in Lombardy 5 months after the last call …
«Now let’s get into the ring. General Francesco Figliuolo assured me that we have all the necessary doses to push hard this month. The battle of December begins on Monday ».

A necessary decision?
“We have two scenarios in hand. The second is not good at all. And it forces us to redo the calculations. On Christmas Eve, we could have much greater pressure on hospitals: reaching 20 per cent of intensive care occupancy even in Lombardy, which as a Region is doing better than others. For this now we need an important shoulder ».

The no vaxes claim that to control the virus

it is better to be swabbed than vaccinated …

“They are the fanciful theories of some television personality. No doctor or scientist says it. I have always supported the need for a reinforced green pass. To be granted only to those who are vaccinated or cured and not to those who rely on a simple antigen test. Unfortunately, the approach on these issues was not univocal. And I think of the world, not just of Italy. He has changed his mind too many times. And now there are those who have been leaving for weeks intubated and proudly return to the streets to demonstrate against the green pass ».

She moves with hundreds of sheets. Of maps. The risk of hubs. He explains to us
what changes from today?

«On Monday we will do 60,000 third doses, but in December the daily target will rise to 100,000. It will be a progression ».

Will there be anything different than the July campaign?
“We are setting up different vaccination centers. In the summer we were mainly in the exhibition centers which were closed and therefore reserved for us. Thanks to those vaccines, they now host face-to-face events. A few days ago I asked the mayor of Milan Beppe Sala about the Fabbrica del Vapore. He replied that the agenda is full of contracts. They work well and I certainly don’t want to slow down the Lombard economy ».

So where will you go?
“We have already identified some subway stations in the city and shopping centers. Soon we will unlock everything because the challenge is really played now. It takes a month, but done right. I don’t need to vaccinate in February, it would be late. With 2 and a half million third doses before Christmas we bring down the peak ».

Now, however, the rush to book will be unleashed: what happens to those who have already made an appointment at six months and want to anticipate?
«For now he has to cancel and rebook: from Monday there will be numerous slots available. But we are working on an automatic mechanism to simplify things ».

Aifa is ready to give the green light to vaccinations for children under 12. What membership do you expect?
«Vaccinating children is the best Christmas present we can give them and their families. I believe in science, in what people like Anthony Fauci or Alberto Mantovani say, not in the gossip of certain politicians ».

We are talking about children: will there still be an emotional step to overcome?
«At the beginning of December we will organize meetings with and for pediatricians. We must listen to be able to explain well that there are no risks. Which is an important step in overcoming the pandemic. I strongly believe in the campaign on children and I am negotiating some ad hoc locations. We want them to be vaccinated while having fun ».

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