We Won’t Let People Like UAS Get Followers Here

Jakarta, CNN Indonesia

Minister of Law and Home Affairs SingaporeK. Shanmugam, stressed that his country would not allow people like Ustaz Abdul Somad (UAS) gain followers in the country.

“We will not allow people like Somad to have the opportunity to gain local followers or engage in activities that threaten the security and harmony of our community,” Shanmugam said in response to UAS’ expulsion, as quoted by Reuters. The Straits Times.

He then asserted, “Our position is very simple. People like this, we will not let them in.”

Shanmugam also called on Singaporeans to be careful about the involvement of foreign preachers and divisive teachings.

“Use your judgment. You know what makes Singapore progress. You know what is good for yourself and the community,” he said.

“Everyone is free to practice their worship here. Everyone is free to believe or not believe in God, or to believe in any God they want. However, we don’t need to cross the line and attack other people.”

Shanmugam then revealed that there are many lecturers like UAS in various parts of the world. According to him, these people usually attack other religions.

“This is not a unique case in a particular community. If you look at preachers from Indonesia, they attack Christians, they attack non-Muslims,” ​​he said.

UAS itself was in the spotlight because it was banned from entering Singapore last week. He was expelled at Tanah Merah Ferry Terminal when he arrived in Batam.

The expulsion was carried out because UAS was considered to be spreading extremist and divisive teachings. According to Singapore, this is unacceptable in a multi-religious Singapore.

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[Gambas:Video CNN]


[Gambas:Video CNN]