Weak Dresden is subject to ice-cold SV Sandhausen 0: 1

Weak Dresden is subject to ice-cold SV Sandhausen 0: 1

Sandhausen’s Pascal Testroet is cheered by his teammates after his goal to make it 0-1. Photo: Robert Michael / dpa-Zentralbild / dpa

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Dynamo Dresden does little offensively against deep sand houses. The guests, on the other hand, act effectively and use their only chance to score in an unremarkable game.

Dynamo Dresden is slipping deeper and deeper into the crisis. The promoted to the 2nd Bundesliga suffered his seventh defeat in the eighth game on Saturday and was defeated by SV Sandhausen 0: 1 (0: 0). Pascal Testroet (50th) scored the only goal of the game in front of 11,144 spectators in the Rudolf Harbig Stadium.

After the cup defeat against FC St. Pauli on Wednesday evening, Dynamo had less than 65 hours to prepare for this trend-setting game against the third from bottom to date. But it wasn’t just the freshness that the Saxons missed the turnaround.

«It is a very bitter defeat. It has run like a red thread through the last few weeks. We got in well and we have made good progress. We’re not hitting the post or the ball properly. That thing just won’t go in there. The goal must not happen like that. That’s too cheap by a standard, ”said Yannick Stark.

For a long time nothing happened on the bumpy lawn. Both teams initially tried not to make any mistakes, but always made smaller ones in the build-up game. Above all, Dresden, which was more concerned with offensive football, had a hard time against the deeply staggered Sandhauser team.

It took a little more than 20 minutes until the first shot on goal. It was the first time that Dresden was able to break free with a quick combination. Via detours, the ball landed at Chris Löwe, whose flank was blocked too short from the left. Luca Herrmann only hit the post from 16 meters.

The midfielder was also directly involved in Dynamo’s second big shot opportunity in the 34th minute. His flank lands near the five-meter space, precisely on the head of Christoph Daferner. But Dynamo’s top scorer headed too centrally on goalkeeper Patrick Drewes.

Much more did not happen in the first 45 minutes, because Dresden acted too imprecisely near the penalty area at the latest. Standard situations were also unsuccessful. The Saxons had eight corners alone in the first round. But none of the crosses ended up with a Dynamo player.

Sandhausen remained completely without a shot on goal, but showed Dresden five minutes after the restart what effectiveness means. Because after a corner kick from Marcel Ritzmaier, of all people, the former Dresden Pascal Testroet scored with the first shot on goal to guide the guests.

Not much happened after that. Sandhausen shifted back to defending and Dresden found no means to break the defense bar of the guests. It was not until the 87th minute that Daferner missed the only opportunity to equalize. The striker, standing alone in front of Drewes, closed too centrally on the goalkeeper. However, Stark did not want to badmouth the performance. «Everyone puts everything in, we are aggressive. In the crucial moments there is a lack of consistency and luck, ”said the defender.