Weapon vigil in Florida, a place of power and ideas

Weapon vigil in Florida, a place of power and ideas

The unpredictable southern state of the United States was the backdrop for a merciless campaign by both political parties to try to win the mid-term elections.

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Field meeting of outgoing Republican governor and Senate candidate Rick Scott in Hialeah, Florida, Nov. 5.

Donald Trump went there twice last week, while Barack Obama went to help his troops. Shock of titans, because as always, Florida is undecided, and it will depend on the outcome of the mid-term elections on Tuesday, November 6th. It was she who had allowed George W. Bush to win in extremis against Al Gore in the year 2000. It has since been unpredictable: this state populated with 21 million inhabitants gave twice to Barack Obama in 2008 and 2,012, but switched to Donald Trump in 2016.

This Tuesday, 6, a double battle will be played in the "Sunshine state", that of power and ideas.

Ideological battle

The battle of power is the election of the United States senator. Republican Rick Scott, outgoing governor of Florida, is trying to dislodge Democrat Bill Nelson, irremovable senator from Florida since the turn of the century. If the Republican candidate wins, the Democrats will in all likelihood fly away their hopes of winning the Senate majority in Washington (51-49 currently in favor of Republicans). The two opponents being centrist and not very charismatic, this electoral battle attracted little attention.

Less so than the Florida governorship, which gives rise to an ideological battle, decisive for the future. On the right, Republican Ron De Santis, more trumpist conservative than Donald Trump. On the left, Andrew Gillum, African-American supporter of Bernie Sanders, who embodies a progressive agenda (health and free education, raising corporate taxes), which earned him to be called "socialist" by his opponents. In case of victory, the pressure for a left-rocker of the Democratic Party, pledge of victory for the presidential election of 2020, will be even stronger.

"Go vote"

On the eve of the poll, everyone is throwing their last strength into the battle. At the seat of the Democratic Party …

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