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It was Morrissey, former singer of The Smiths, who back in 1984 held that “if your hair is wrong, then your whole life is wrong.” Hyperbolic or not, the truth is that the controversial vocalist diagnosed a concern for the health and condition of male hair that has not stopped growing to this day. Parallel to this progression, myths and legends about the factors involved in its robustness or the most recommended care have contaminated the instruction manual to keep it in the best possible condition. With the help of three experts, we explain what is true (and what is not) in everything concerning your hair. Do it for Morrissey.

– Baldness is always inherited from parents

False. It is not always inherited, nor only from the paternal branch. “Androgenetic alopecia (common baldness) has a pattern of polygenic inheritance, due to the transmission of several genes, which is complex and can be inherited from both parents,” explains Dr. Rita Rodríguez, dermatologist and trichologist at the Pedro Group, at ICON. Jaen But although the probability of developing it in this case is very high (almost 95% of cases, according to experts), there are other factors – for example, hormonal – that interfere with alopecia and can get us free of suffering despite Our parents or grandparents presume bald.

– Poor diet, alcohol and smoking can cause your fall

True. Although the percentage of involvement is insignificant, Dr. Rodriguez confirms that it can influence. “Bad nutrition of course,” confirms Xavi García, creative director of Salon 44, adding: “The hair is part of our body and if we do not have the vitamins (from group B) or mineral salts we need (iron or zinc) It weakens. ” In any case, this situation is reversible if habits are changed.

– The bangs conceals the entrances

True. The bangs do camouflage those spaces that we do not want to leave visible to everyone, but Luciano Cañete, stylist and founder of Corta Cabeza salons, throws a warning: “You have to leave an intermediate measure, which seems natural. If the bangs are too long it can be opened due to the weight and accentuate them ”.

Elvis Presley looks at the hair of his own hair while being shaved on his first day in the army, in 1958. Photo: Getty

– You have to go to Turkey to implant hair without leaving a kidney

False. Not only in Spain there are more and more clinics that adjust their prices to be able to compete with the Turks, but experts warn that traveling to the Ottoman country can make the cheap end up being expensive. “Operating there does not ensure that we can perform this procedure with medical guarantees: aseptic, professional training or safety …”, clarifies Rodriguez. According to the experience of Xavi García, the results of his clients who have operated in Turkey are not positive: “I would say that 80% do not exhibit a natural or well done job: the birth is more aggressive, the lines are more straight. From my point of view, the image is something very important to play for a thousand euros. ”

The quality and number of follicles influence the final cost of surgery, but in Spain prices usually range between 6,000 and 12,000 euros. Up to six times more than in the Ottoman country, which includes in its offers the accommodation and transfers of the patient and his companion. The Erdogan government subsidizes these types of operations, with the aim of making the country the largest destination for international medical tourism by 2023.

– If I have been completely bald I cannot have a hair implant

False. There are two factors that influence when assessing the candidate for a transplant: a sufficient donor area and that it accepts a somewhat more conservative design. “You can not completely restore all the lost density but you can go back degrees of alopecia of the patient,” adds dermatologist and trichologist, Dr. Rita Rodríguez, who points out that in these cases it is necessary to “make a frontal capillary birth line and temporary in order to give a feeling of great coverage. ”

– If you tear off a cane you get more

False. “If you tear off an equal cane you get seven or seventeen, but when they start to leave they will always multiply. Once they arise they always leave more, even if they are removed, ”confirms Cañete.

– Stress causes gray hair

True. “The gray hair is a sign of hair aging involving several factors, especially genetic. Stress is an external factor that can also influence, ”explains Dr. Rodríguez. Stress also intervenes decisively in hair loss. “It atrophies the hair bulb and influences for bad,” adds Xavi García.

– Shaving the head makes hair grow stronger

False. Luciano Cañete is expeditious: “It’s a hoax, an absolute lie. The bulb is what it is, do not grow more hair or stronger by shaving it. It is a sensation because the root is harder and seems stronger, but if you let it grow it will be the same thickness, or even less, than you had before. ”

Tennis player Andre Agassi dries his hair. Then he would bald.
Tennis player Andre Agassi dries his hair. Then he would bald. Photo: Getty

– Hair gets used to shampoo over time and no longer works

False. As García clarifies, “the scalp gets used to shampoo, but it is not that it stops working, it is that our hair can change due to factors such as stress, weather or food.”

– A cheap haircut is the same as an expensive one

False, but not generalized. “There are people who are charging very little money and have a very good hand and do not have to do it wrong, and people who charge a lot of money and can do it wrong. In the end, the price depends on the extras, ”assumes Cañete. “The difference is in the detail: the advice to the client, the help on how to take care of the hair … We have clients who take it like going to a spa, a ritual where they relax and enjoy”, adds García. The price of an average men’s cut in one of these rooms is located on a fork between 30 and 50 euros, depending on whether it is the creative director or a stylist who cuts it. In the most economical hairdressers we can cut our hair for the modest price of 6 euros.

– Washing your hair too much causes your hair to fall out before

False. Shampoo is a cosmetic product whose frequency of use “does not cause changes in the hair growth cycle,” says Dr. Rodriguez.

– Gray hair ages your look

True, if you don’t remedy it. “If you have a proper cut, freshly made, and clean hair, they probably won’t wear years. Gray hair alone does not age you, factors such as skin, attitude or way of dressing also add up, ”says Cañete, who corroborates that gray hair has become fashionable. Garcia agrees: “Men now take care of them more, they worry using appropriate shampoos or masks so they don’t have that yellowish appearance.”

– Wearing a cap or helmet continuously accelerates the fall

False. Wearing a cap or helmet does not influence the hair growth cycle, but, as Xavi García concludes, if the scalp does not perspire properly it can damage the health of our hair.

Leonardo DiCaprio on February 9 on the Oscar red carpet. Your hair is an example that the hair band or hairspray does not cause hair loss.
Leonardo DiCaprio on February 9 on the Oscar red carpet. Your hair is an example that the hair band or hairspray does not cause hair loss. Photo: Getty

– If I have started to get bald there is no remedy to stop the fall

False … if action is taken. There are specific treatments for each type of alopecia, but it is essential that the patient go to a trichology specialist to diagnose and guide the procedure to follow. Some of the most common are antiandrogen drugs, topical treatments such as Minoxidil or dutasteride microinjections, but their use depends on the individual diagnosis of each case.

– Lacquer, gum or other creams can cause hair loss

False. External products do not produce alopecia. Rodrigues argues that the only thing that can cause cosmetics that reduce hair flexibility is a fracture, but not a fall. It is advisable to wash your hair at the end of the day when lacquers or gummies are used

– You have to wash your head every two days

False. Although it is one of the most recommended standard measures, Xavi García explains that a rigid norm cannot be established in this regard: “It depends on each type of hair and lifestyle, work, sport… The important thing is to wash it with the right products and that we are aware that the more we wash it, the faster it gets dirty. ”

– If I’m bald I don’t need to use shampoo

False. Sweat, grease or other external aggressions, such as pollution or solar radiation, affect our scalp and cleaning is essential. In this article we give you the essential advice for proper care.

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