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Weather alert – Vigilance orange waves and submersion in the North department

Updated on 01/30/2022

This Sunday, January 30 at 4:00 p.m., Météo France published a bulletin placing the coast of the Nord department on orange wave-submersion vigilance from this Monday3January 1st from 10:00 up 16h00. In a context of sea level rise, the breaking of strong waves requires special vigilance.

Storm Corrie is currently strengthening northwest of Ireland. An active disturbance will cross the region next night and circulate in the North Sea reinforcing the associated northwesterly winds.

Strong waves from the northwest will propagate in the North Sea and will touch the coast of the department, in the context of high seas at midday on Monday (tidal coefficient 84; high sea time in Dunkirk 12:05 p.m.) .

The combination of these phenomena risks causing marine flooding in exposed coastal areas.

As well, Georges-Francois Leclerc, prefect of the North defense and security zone, invites everyone to exercise vigilance and caution and recalls the following recommendations:

Reminder of behavior advice to adopt near the coast:

General instructions:

– do not walk by the sea or estuaries;

– keep abreast of the evolution of the situation by listening to the information disseminated in the media;

– if necessary, travel with caution, limiting your speed and do not enter roads exposed to swell or already flooded.

Seaside residents:

– close the doors, windows and shutters on the seafront;

– protect your property that could be damaged by rising water or washed away by the waves;

– watch the rising waters.

Yachtsmen and professionals of the sea:

– do not go to sea. If you have to go out, wear your safety equipment (life jackets, etc.);

– do not practice water sports. ;

– before the weather episode, check the mooring of your vessel and the stowage of the equipment on board, and do not stay on board.

Swimmers, divers, fishermen or walkers:

– do not get into the water, do not swim;

– do not practice any recreational nautical activity;

– be particularly vigilant, do not approach the edge of the water even from an elevated point (beach, cliff);

– stay away from structures exposed to waves (harbour piers, groynes, seafronts).

Be attentive and stay informed about the evolution of the meteorological situation on before any trip.