Weather: almost all of Belgium on red alert, the thermometer will display more than 37 degrees

By the sea, it will be cooler.

LThe weather will remain very hot this weekend, with occasional cloudy fields and the possibility of an isolated heat storm on Sunday, predicts the Royal Meteorological Institute (IRM). The maximum will be 37ºC, but it will be cooler by the sea.

The heat will intensify on Saturday with temperatures reaching 31ºC by the sea and on the high plateaus of the Ardennes, and 37ºC in Campine, or even slightly more. The wind will be weak from the northeast or from variable directions. In the coastal region, a moderate sea breeze will rise in the afternoon and refresh the atmosphere.

The IRM has placed almost all of Belgium on red alert for heat. The province of Luxembourg on orange alert while the coast is on yellow alert.

The heat will only decline very slowly at night, with temperatures between 14ºC in the Ardennes and 23ºC in other regions, mainly in large cities.

>> The weather forecast region by region

Sunday, the weather will be quite sunny with always a few banks of medium to high clouds, especially in the afternoon. An isolated heat storm is not excluded. It will always be very hot with maximums of 30 to 36ºC, or even slightly more. The wind will be light to moderate from east to northeast. In the afternoon, the sea breeze will pick up in the coastal region.

To drink a lot of water

In these extreme situations, the following minimum measures apply, recommends MRI. Drink a lot, make sure to maintain a good “salty diet”, rest as much as possible, stay in a cool room, in case of dehydration, use damp wipes, avoid direct sunlight. Take steps to ensure your safety and the safety of others, and, if possible, protect your personal property.


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