Weather: cool autumn break, then the North African anticyclone returns – Chronicle

Polar cold air straight from Sweden has swept across the continent and is coming in with cool, downpours. Temperatures for Sunday are expected on autumnal values ​​in the North with highs around 18/20 ° C.

A sharp drop in temperatures is also expected in the Center and South after the heat records of the last few days. At the end of the weekend we will be fresher everywhere, but beware of the downside.

Mattia Gussoni, Meteorologist of the site, calls for caution as the clash between the polar air and the heat brought by Hannibal could cause intense patchy thunderstorms with the possibility of hailstorms.

Strong winds are expected from the northern and eastern quadrants, winds that will bring the Scandinavian air mass over Italy: obviously these currents crossing Germany, Austria and Slovenia have warmed up in part, but will still cause a temperature drop of about 10-14 ° C


Saturday 28. In the North: storms coming in from the Triveneto extending towards the west, strong wind. In the center: scattered clouds with local showers. In the South: worsening starting from Sicily towards the East.

Sunday 29. In the North: lots of clouds, less rain, but with decidedly low temperatures for the period; strong wind. Center: unstable with frequent showers alternating with bright spells, dry in Sardinia; thermal drop. In the South: unstable with frequent showers, temperature drop.

Monday 30. In the North: sunny, but with some scattered showers; fresh. Middle: improvement but with some downsides, fresh. In the South: improvement, fresh. Trend. Return of the North African heat from Wednesday 1 June with maximums gradually increasing to very high values, peaks of 37-39 ° C.

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