weather for saturday september 4

The sun will be felt from time to time today in Saint-André-les-Vergers and its surroundings.

This Saturday, September 4, 2021

In Saint-André-les-Vergers and its surroundings, in Aube, today, the clouds will give way to the sun from time to time. The forecast calls for a temperature of around 22 ° C. With values ​​ranging between a minimum of 25 ° C and a maximum of 29 ° C, the city will experience an increase of several degrees in the afternoon. The inhabitants will be exposed in the evening to scattered rains. The lowest temperature will be 21 ° C and the highest will be 24 ° C. Scattered rains are announced overnight from Saturday to Sunday, which will be gloomy.

Tomorrow Sunday, September 5, 2021

The rays of the sun will show themselves from time to time, tomorrow, on the city of Saint-André-les-Vergers and its surroundings. The temperature will approach 22 ° C. Tomorrow afternoon, temperatures are expected to rise by several degrees, with values ​​ranging from 27 ° C to 29 ° C. In the evening, we will have a minimum of 24 ° C and a maximum of 25 ° C.

The next days

At the start of the week, the weather will be similar to tomorrow’s and temperatures will be around 31 ° C.