Weather forecast: a hot Saturday, part of the country placed on red alert

Saturday afternoon, the weather will remain sunny with however also some cloudy fields especially on the western part of the country, announces the Royal Meteorological Institute in its bulletin of the midday. It will be particularly hot with maximums of around 30 degrees at sea and up to 36 or 37 degrees in Campine. The red heat alert is still in effect throughout the country, with the exception of the Côte (yellow alert) and the province of Luxembourg (orange).

In the coastal region, however, a sea breeze should pick up and cool the atmosphere to around 25 degrees. In the night from Saturday to Sunday, clearings and clouds will alternate. A heat storm will not be excluded. It will be exceptionally mild with minima of 15 degrees in Hautes-Fagnes to 23 degrees in town.

MRI advice

To best experience these high temperatures, the MRI gives several tips, here they are. “Drink a lot, take care to maintain a good “salty diet”, rest as much as possible, stay in a cool room, in case of dehydration, use damp wipes, avoid direct sunlight. Take steps to ensure your safety and the safety of others, and, if possible, protect your personal property. Follow the advice of the competent authorities scrupulously.”

Sunday night and the following night, the cloudiness will remain variable. A few showers (thunderstorms) may occur in places but in most areas, the weather will remain dry. The night will once again be exceptionally mild with temperatures of around 18 degrees in the Haute Ardenne around dawn and up to 23 degrees in the city. The easterly wind will be light to moderate. Monday, the weather will be quite sunny and again very hot with maxima of around 30 degrees on the coast, 30 to 34 degrees in the Ardennes and 34 to 36 degrees elsewhere. Some cloudy fields could very locally degenerate into thunderstorms. The MRI red alert is in effect until Monday evening. However, the heat should not decline until Thursday and drop below 30 degrees next Friday.

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