Weather forecast for the weekend – BNN

On the night of Friday, September 23, the autumnal equinox took place – the moment when both hemispheres of the Earth receive the same amount of sunlight – and the astronomical autumn began, informs the Center of Environment, Geology and Meteorology of Latvia (LVĜMC).

A variable amount of clouds is expected on Friday, which will bring short-term rain in places. A slow wind will blow, so fog and haze will form in some areas at night and in the morning.

On the other hand, similar weather conditions will remain during the weekend. The amount of clouds will be variable, only small precipitation is expected in places. As light winds persist, fog will thicken in places at night and in the morning.

During the holidays, at night, the minimum air temperature will be within the range of +2…+7 degrees, in some places frost will be observed in the upper layer of grass 0…-1 degrees, a warmer air mass will remain on the coast, there +5…+10 degrees. On Saturday, September 24, the air will warm up to +13…+14 degrees, but on Sunday the maximum temperature will be +11…+15 degrees.

Similar to the weekend, the amount of clouds in the sky will be variable at the beginning of the next working week, and the weather will be mostly dry. Slow winds will remain throughout the country. The temperature at night will not exceed +10 degrees, while during the day the air will warm up to +10…+15 degrees.