Weather forecast for the whole summer 2022: THESE heat will come

AccuWeather’s team of forecasters analyzed the weather around the world to put together what will happen in Europe in the coming months and months. Chief Meteorologist Tyler Roys and Chief Meteorologist Alan Reppert believe that this summer could be warmer on most continents than usual.

The summer will officially begin on Tuesday, June 21 in the Northern Hemisphere. However, those who long for the arrival of the new season may prefer to celebrate the arrival on June 1, which is the first day of the meteorological summer.

Spain, Portugal, France and the whole of Italy will experience the greatest heat this summer. There will be such high temperatures and dry air that meteorologists even warn of devastating forest fires.

Meteorologists also do not expect intense heat in Central Europe and the British Isles. At the beginning of the summer, it will become more warm here, but then there will be a period during which warm periods will alternate rapidly with heavy rains, especially in Northern Ireland and Scotland.

Western Europe, along with the Czech Republic and Poland, is facing a warm and dry summer with a little rainfall. Temperatures climb above average

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