Weather forecast. When will winter come? When will the snow fall?

  • We still have quite a warm weather until Thursday. If it rains, it will be weak and it will be mostly rain
  • It will start to get colder at the end of the week. There will also be precipitation, both rain and snow, which can be intense
  • We also announce quite a winter aura in the last days of November. However, an increase in temperature is expected already in early December
  • Increasingly higher values ​​on the thermometers are to be accompanied by stronger wind and snowfall turning into rain
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We will be guaranteed more and more rainfall in the coming days lows that will make themselves at home over the majority Europe. At the end of the week when they start moving east they will also bring cold air to us, which means not only snow, but also frost. However, this state of affairs will not last long. All indicates that at the beginning of December, the Atlantic low will come to the fore, so it will get warmer, but at the same time it will still be damp.

Long-term weather forecast. After a quiet Wednesday and Thursday, a breakdown will come

Today’s front, where rain and snow fall, will bring warmer air to Poland, therefore, we will not face severe winter tomorrow and the day after tomorrow. Frosts are to occur only locally, while during the day the temperature will be positive. On Wednesday in the west and Pomerania, and on Thursday in the south-east we forecast even 8-10 degrees Celsius. While on Wednesday, beyond the southern extremes, there will be no shortage of carrying clouds minor rainfall, on Thursday it rains poorly only in the west and north, while in the rest of the country it should be more frequent show the sun.

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The changes will come on Friday, when the lower will enter Poland from the south. While it will probably not rain in the west and north, there will be plenty of rainfall in the interior. We forecast mainly rain in the southeast, and from Podlasie to Silesia and western Lesser Poland, rain turns into wet snow. Snow can fall heavily, additionally at a temperature of about 0 degrees C. It is possible that locally, a few dozen centimeters of white fluff will fall.


On Friday, a front will enter from the south with rain and snowfall, which can be intense

The weekend will also bring rain. It rains especially hard on Sunday or Monday, when should we get under the influence of the new low and the front. There are many indications that in the southeast it rains again, mostly rain, because the temperature will rise to 4–7 degrees C there, while in the interior of the country, where it will be about 0 degrees C and not much above, it will rain and snow and will be wet snow.


Another portion of rainfall is possible around Sunday and Monday

Beginning of next week with mild winter

The first half of the next week is consolidation of a weak winter in Poland. Precipitation, although it will remain with us, it should be weaker and weaker. Among them, snow will start to dominate at the same time, because at night all over Poland will be cramped with a few degrees of frost, while during the day from the sea to the mountains the temperature will drop below 5 degrees Celsius. It is possible that there will be one or two days when even in the lowlands on a full day it will not be more than 0 degrees Celsius.


At the beginning of the week, the local temperature may not exceed 0 degrees Celsius

Further changes in the weather are waiting for us at the beginning of December, when low-pressure systems will begin to move from the Atlantic towards Scandinavia. In the mountains, it means the consolidation of a snowy winter, but in the lowlands the temperature should more often exceed 0 degrees C, and the precipitation, which is initially supposed to take the form of snow, they will gradually change into rain and snow and into the rain itself. It is possible that sometimes a fairly strong, gusty wind will also blow.


The beginning of December will bring some warming

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